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AEW Dynamite Anniversary

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Dynamite Anniversary Episode Review

Dynamite Review Cover Image

The anniversary episode of Dynamite brought fire, as per usual. We’re heading toward new paths for our stars and new beginnings on the horizon as new opportunities present themselves. Here are the highlights.


Bryan Danielson

The match started fast-paced with Jungle Boy on fire against the Super Elite. Christian got a “you still got it” chant in the ring, whereas Kenny got “Kenny no balls.” Jungle Boy was in for most of the match like he was on display. Christian was taken out with an Indy-driver on the ramp courtesy of the Buck’s to reclaim the momentum for the heels.

In a cleared ring, Bryan eventually got the tag against Omega to a huge reaction. Considering his concussion history, he hit a diving headbutt on the champ, which probably wasn’t a good idea. The tag rules seemed to be forgotten in all the chaos as everyone was in the ring at once. After a four-way team up on Jungle Boy, the Super Elite gets the pin in a stellar opening match.


Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes

Cody and Arn appeared outside Cody’s house in a video package. Arn burns one of Cody’s suits as a challenge to his excess and vanity. He wants Cody to be hungrier and less humble.

Arn is challenging Cody to change his attitude. However, what matters most is if it changes him in the eyes of the fans, who are getting tired of his current portrayal.


Bobby Fish vs Sammy

Bobby Fish vs. Sammy for the TNT title was a strike fest from beginning to end. The crowd was behind Sammy as Fish kept beating him down whenever he gained momentum in a battle of generations: Sammy’s youth vs. Fish’s grizzled experience. Sammy took the win with a surprise knee finisher.

After the match, American Top Team surrounded the ring and delivered a beatdown to both Sammy and Fuego Del Sol until Jericho and Hager made the save, forcing the heels to retreat. Dan Lambert wanted to talk, but the crowd wanted to finish singing Jericho’s song. They heavily booed Lambert as he challenged the three Inner Circle to fight Men of the Year and Junior Dos Santos to a match with Jorge Masvidal ringside.


TBS Championship

The TBS Championship for the women’s division (and when Dynamite moves to TBS) was revealed. It’s the same design as the TNT title but with a blue sash. The women’s division needs more TV representation, and this is an excellent way to do it. There was a promo package from women like Jade Cargill and Thunder Rosa stating their intent to win the title in the upcoming tournament. The women’s division is about to heat up in a big way.


Darby Allin

In an interview with JR, Darby explains he paints half his face because he’s half-dead inside to the world, and also to symbolize the part of him that faced death the night his uncle died. He proclaims that because of this, there is nothing MJF can do to get in his head.

We find out MJF has challenged Allin to match on Rampage. However, the match may not happen as Allin was brutally attacked by the Pinnacle in masks later on. This was a good development for both Darby’s character and his growing Feud with MJF. Both men are on top of their game, and this is a good direction for both. I’m betting this is going to culminate in a match at Full Gear in late November.


Casino Ladder Match Promo Pic

This match was for a shot at the AEW World Championship. Orange Cassidy and Pac started. Andrade was next, and his rival Pac was ready for him, followed by Matt Hardy, who went for Cassidy.

Nobody’s feuds were neglected in this match. Lance Archer was next and set to brutalize everyone in sight and looked for the poker chip but waited for the next entrant. Jon Moxley entered through the crowd, and Archer crossed the barricade to meet him. Hangman made his return as the joker to a huge ovation, removing everyone who gets in his way. Pac got put through a table in a terrifying-looking drop before Page took the chip to earn a title shot against Omega.

I’m not sure where this is going to go, to be honest. Full Gear is close enough for Page to continue his feud with Omega, but where does that leave Bryan? AEW isn’t afraid to change the title on TV, but maybe they’ll set up a triple threat at Full Gear or take the title off Kenny and have him, and Bryan continue their feud separately?

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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