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AEW Dynamite Review 10/23/21

AEW Dynamite Review with Dakota Mayes

It's time for one of the most anticipated matches since Bryan Danielson moved to AEW and we have it covered for you right here in our AEW Dynamite Review.


The crowd was wild before the bout even started. The two engaged in some technical chess in the starting minutes. Bryan hit a tope suicida but ended up catching the worst of it, allowing Dustin to hit a senton while the American Dragon was catching his breath. Next, Bryan ran the ropes to try and dizzy the 30-year vet but got scooped into a power slam. Rhodes then worked Bryan in the corner but got turned around for some chops. Bryan attempted a huricanrana on the top rope but fell and got the rope between his legs to allow Rhodes to clothesline him back down to the mat. Dustin hit another monstrous clothesline when Danielson tried for a dropkick and followed it with a piledriver but only got a two count. Danielson put him away with a guillotine chokehold, causing Rhodes to lose consciousness to secure his advancement in the tournament.


Tony Schiavone and Sting were going to talk about Darby Allin's current condition when Mjf interrupted. The crowd really hates MJF. No one in WWE gets booed half as much as this guy. MJF says that if he were to let Sting speak, he would have to say that Darby wasn't coming back. He then brings up Stings past friendships, how all his past comrades stuck by him, but he was nowhere to be found when they needed him, pointing out Lex Luger, now wheelchair-bound. Sting decked MJF as soon as he entered the ring, but the Pinnacles Shawn Spears and Wardlow attacked Sting from behind and beat him down. MJF then addressed Darby, asking if he has broken him mentally yet and wants him to understand that no matter how much the people want him back, he will fall to MJF if he does return. This was a great segment. MJF has got to be the most despised man in professional wrestling today. He can make you root for any face, no matter how over they may or may not be, just by being himself.


Eddie tried to sneak attack Archer during his entrance, but he was unfazed and set to beat down Eddie for most of the match. Archer literally pulled a fan from behind the barricade and slammed him onto Eddie twice. Archer is a beast and never once yielded to Kingston's attempts at offense, but Eddie's fighting spirit is strong, and he refuses to die. I'm not sure if Kingston was supposed to win this match or not because Archer tried to go for a moon Sault and landed directly on his head. Lance rolled out and was checked on by officials, but he got back into the ring to get rolled up. The match was likely called for Archer's safety, but I can report that Archer is okay as of this writing.


Jungle Boy won quickly by tapping Cutler out with a snare trap submission hold. He called the match a warm-up and said he was happy to go again before calling out anyone from the Elite to face him. Adam Cole came out, but he was only a distraction as the Young Bucks super-kicked Jungle Boy from behind before throwing him off the stage. I imagine Luchasaurus and Christian will return to take on the Super Kliq in a trio's match as they do not seem to be building a match between Jungle Boy and any Elite member in particular.


I'm not sure why Cody's the only one who gets an entrance as grand as his. It makes him seem like he has a high opinion of himself, which I'm sure doesn't do him any favors with the fans who were quick to start the "Cody sucks" chants. The action was fast-paced. Cody brought some new intensity to the fight, which was good. Members of the Nightmare Family arrived to keep an eye on Black's antics when he tried to introduce a chair. Cody would put Black through a table with the cross-Rhodes, although he took most of the impact. Andrade arrived to cause some interference until Pac chased him off. Moments like these were among the only instances in which the crowd got excited, but they were not happy when Cody won the match. At this point, it might take a miracle for the second-generation star to make a comeback as a face. AEW almost seems to be booking him as a John Cena level figure, but Cody's reception was not polarizing like Cena's. It was highly negative. He may want to do something new soon as patience for him is getting very thin.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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