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AEW Dynamite Review 11/10/21

Dynamite With Dakota Mayes

It's Wednesday night and that means it is time for AEW Dynamite. Missed it? Don't worry we got you covered here at The Pyrrhic with our Dynamite recap!


Rocky Romero represented the NJPW stable Chaos. This comes with rumors that we may see the Rainmaker Kazuchica Okada appear on AEW soon. Rocky and Bryan both came up from the same dojo, know each other well, and technically challenge one another. The two worked to lock in submissions, with Bryan taking some old tricks from Romero. Neither one of them gave the other an inch. Bryan hit his face stomps on Romero after a missed moonsault and tapped him out with a tequila sunrise. On Saturday, the announcers hyped up Bryan's match with Miro and warned that Miro would be facing a man with 1000 ways to make him tap out.


American Top Team attacked the Inner Circle as they made their way to the ring for an interview with Tony Schiavone. They beat them down with a trashcan, a kendo stick, and cheap double teaming. The crowd chanted "fat-faced dipshit" at lambert, who put Jericho through a table with the help of Men of the Year. Scorpio Sky let everyone know that this was only a taste of what they could do, and they will get the rest at Full Gear. Ethen Page vowed to have Dan Lambert pin Jericho, but first, he will tap him out with the walls of Jericho. Jericho never tapped. Sky did with Jericho's hand.


The two teams brawl to start the match, and the faces force out the heels. Rosa and Brit officially begin, but the AEW Women's Champion is quick to tag in Rebel. Rosa works Rebel in the corner and tags in Jay for some double teaming, but the heels pull Jay out and assault her behind the referee's back. They continued to work her over in the ring until Jay tagged Tay to run through all three heels. Rosa dived onto her next tournament opponent, Hayter on the outside. As all six women start brawling, Brit leaves Rebel out to dry by letting her get pinned by Tay. It's implied that Brit may be intimidated by her Full Gear opponent.


Jungle Boy and Bowens grappled in the middle of the ring, and the skirmish ended when Bowens landed a hard elbow. He hits some knees to the midsection to slow his momentum, but Jungle Boy never lost his stride and got Bowens reeling with his superior athleticism. The face got back into the game and showed his aggression, grounding Bowens. He was about to lock in a snare trap when Caster hopped on the apron to distract him, allowing Bowens to take back control. He can't get the pin, however. Jungle Boy locked in the snare trap submission and forced Bowens to tap out with the crowd rallying behind him. Bobby Fish attacked Jungle Boy after the match and grounded the Jurassic Express member until Luchsaurus and Christian saved him before Fish could do any real damage.


All members from both of their teams were banned from being ringside for this match. They were both aggressive to start as the rivalry between their respective factions had become quite intense. They wrestled to a stalemate, but Harwood took control with a sudden clothesline. Pac fought back with some heavy chops, striking Dax so hard that his chest started bleeding. The two traded momentum throughout this hard-hitting match, but it would be Pac who would pick up the win after he put Dax in a brutalizer submission hold. Dax immediately tapped to save his injured shoulder any further damage as it was already taped. Cash, Andrade, and Malakai all team up on Pac afterward and cause the Lucha Bros and Cody to rush in to fight them off. Afterward, it was announced that Cody and Pac would team up at Full Gear against Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo.


Page didn't know if there was anything left to say after all this time but vowed to win at Full Gear before signing the contract. Kenny said he doesn't share his or the crowd's excitement for the bout as he laments their history. He noted that the Elite picked him back up and put him on the Horse for "Cowboy Shit" to be great, but he turned out to be a disappointment. Page responded that Kenny was always afraid of his potential, but the Champion refuted by claiming he still believed in him and offered to shake his hand before their final encounter. However, it's all a ruse as Don Callis attacked Hangman from behind while dressed as a cameraman and busted him open. Kenny signed the contract in Page's blood.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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