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AEW Dynamite Review 11/3

Dynamite with Dakota Mayes!

With all the news swirling around the Eliminator Tournament and Jon Moxley specifically, The Pyrrhic and Dakota Mayes have you covered. Here's all the action from the latest episode of AEW Dynamite.


Kenny takes advantage when the ref pulls 5 off him as the crowd chants, "Kenny, no balls." He has 5 on the ropes and goes for a v-trigger, but 5 dodges and hits a tope after throwing Kenny out. He gets him back in the ring and goes for a splash, but Kenny gets his knees up. The two tee-off on one another, and Kenny almost gets a one-winged-angel, but five gets out only for Kenny to hit three V-triggers for the win. Kenny is going to give 5 a one-winged-angel on a chair afterward until "Hangman" Adam Page comes down and chases Kenny off.


Cm Punk wants everyone to show support and respect for Jon Moxley but also wants to speak to Eddie Kingston regarding his interruption of Punk's interview last week, but he isn't there. So, he challenges Eddie to apologize on Rampage this Friday. Punk would have been happy to fill Mox's spot in the Eliminator Tournament, but he can't because he must handle this business with Eddie. Excalibur teases that Eddie won't be happy with Punk's demand. Considering that Full Gear is now nine days away as of this writing, it looks like I may be right about Eddie being Punk's opponent at the pay-per-view.


The Super Kliq, in an interview, say their loss on Rampage last week to the Dark Order was a fluke. Their interview ends when Christian and Luchasaurus return and chase them to the stage. The heels quickly beat them back until Jungle Boy dives onto them from the stage. Christian spears Matt as he's retreating and almost hits a kill switch onto steel grating, but the Bucks double-team him. Luchasaurus stops them by choke-slamming Nick onto Cole, followed by Christian hitting Cole with the conchairto. The two teams will now officially face off at Full Gear.


Lambert wants respect on his name after Jericho's constant insults, but the crowd just wants him to shut up. So he rattles off and talks up the Inner Circles options from the American Top Team to face at Full Gear, for which they choose Junior Dos Santos and Andrei Arlovski as the first two. Paige VanZant wanted in the match to repay Jericho for his insults a couple of weeks ago, but Jericho chose Dan Lambert himself as the third after he had named himself the number one member. Lambert is horrified that he'll have to fight.


MJF speaks to Darby and says they're the pillars that make the company work despite all the WWE guys coming in. The fans know they will be great, but he doesn't get why they cheer Darby and boo him. MJF thinks they hate him because he symbolizes everything they wish they could be, but Darby is one of them and calls him a glorified stuntman and proclaims he will lose at Full Gear because he won't be able to keep his anger in check. Darby says that he'll keep his composure because he will let his anger out on him now. MJF and Darby fight each other in the crowd until Darby charges MJF over the barricade and almost gets a coffin drop on him, but the heel retreats.


Andrade slaps Cody to start, and Cody lays into him. Andrade throws him out to shift the momentum and beats him in a corner. Cody tries to get back in the fight, but Andrade counters all his attempts until Cody reverses the pressure on a figure-four leglock. Cody goes for a dive on Andrade outside the ring, but FTR hits him in the head with the AAA belts, allowing Andrade to win. I guess Andrade's borrowing their services wasn't a one-time thing after all, as they continue to beat Cody down after the match until the Lucha Bros come down to save him.


As announced via Twitter yesterday, Miro replaced Jon Moxley as he entered an inpatient care facility for his alcohol addiction. Bryan Danielson joined the commentary table for the match. Cass toys with Miro a little at the start, but Miro tosses him over his shoulder on the hard mat to make him pay. However, he maintains control until Cassidy fights back with a DDT. Miro almost gets counted out after Cassidy puts him through the timekeeper's table but makes it back in the ring in time. After kicking out of a pin attempt, an enraged Miro puts Cassidy in his submission for the victory. Bryan goes to confront Miro and offers a handshake, but Miro doesn't accept it.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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