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Dynamite With Dakota Mayes


The show began with Adam Page and the Dark Order celebrating Page’s victory at Full Gear. As the crowd chanted, “you deserve it,” Page corrected them by letting them know that he did not and had to earn it. No sooner does he mention Bryan Danielson does the American Dragon came out to congratulate the champion but also insulted him as he had wished that Kenny Omega had retained the title. He then accused Page of not being a fighting champion, for which Hangman offered to fight right then and there, but Bryan quickly evaded, saying he didn’t want Page to use his casual attire as his excuse for losing. Page wasn’t having it and went after Bryan, leading the Dark Order to step in between them.


If anyone was guessing whether Bryan was a heel in the opening segment, he confirmed as much in this first match. When Uno challenged him to chop his chest, Bryan slapped him in the face. He was more aggressive than usual as this fight went on, disrespecting Uno until he returned the slap. Bryan would win by stomping on Uno’s head before knocking him out with a dragon sleeper and refusing to release the hold after he was declared the winner. He then vowed to do the same to every Dark Order member until he got to Hangman. He beat Uno in his hometown and decided to continue the trend by challenging Colt Cabana to a match next week in his hometown of Chicago. Bryan looks to be more vicious this time around as a heel.


With the Young Bucks and Adam Cole, Kenny Omega reflected on his loss to Hangman and admitted defeat. He’s been asked repeatedly if and when there will be a rematch, but before there can be, he stated the need to fix something in himself, referring to the surgery(s) he needs that may keep him out for a while. He asked the Bucks to hold down the fort while he was gone, but Adam Cole thought he was speaking to him and reassured him that he will. This may have been an indication of a future angle of Cole breaking away from the Elite. He has become reacquainted with Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly is rumored to be leaving WWE soon. They may reform as a group in AEW as they have referred to the Undisputed Era faction more than once. It would be a continuation of the program they had in ROH/NJPW over four years ago when they were all still in Bullet Club, an angle they never got to finish as Cole had signed with WWE.


Ishii and Cassidy had a good show of teamwork to start. They tripped up the heels who couldn’t figure out how to contain them. Cassidy was in for most of the first half, and the heels double-teamed him and tossed him out for Matt Hardy and Bunny to attack him. When he finally tagged in Ishii, the stone Pitbull barreled through both men. He and Butcher had a face-off that showed him back the giant man into a corner with his unwavering resilience. It was like two cars vs. a fire hydrant. The Heels began to power back, but they were no match for the faces teamwork which secured them the victory. This was an excellent showing for the New Japan star. Let’s hope this isn’t the last of Ishii and that he’ll have a singles match to really show what he is made of, should he return.


Flanked by Wardlow and Shawn Spears, MJF did his usual ranting about himself and insulting the audience. The main topic of discussion was his desire to be the AEW Champion and referenced Adam Page, stating that it doesn’t matter where he stands on the rankings because he knows and everyone else knows that he deserves to be champion. Before he could go on, CM Punk’s music hit, and he made his way to the ring. There was a brief staredown. MJF was slightly confused and didn’t know what to make of the encounter but offered his hand to introduce himself. Punk simply smiled and walked away without saying anything, laughing MJF off. The Heel was clearly bothered by this exchange as he became increasingly flustered as he held his un-shook hand in front of his face. If these two are about to feud, then it will be phenomenal. These competitors are the best talkers of their generation and performers that know how to work a crowd. When they finally face off, it’s sure to be special.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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