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AEW Dynamite TV 11/24/21

Dynamite with Dakota Mates

It is AEW's inaugural Dynamite Thanksgiving TV special and we have all the highlights right here for you - including the epic showdown between CM Punk and MJF. We even have video highlights, what are you waiting for?....


Cm Punk came to the ring for his match against QT Marshall, but MJF came out first to address Punk's big leaguing last week. What followed was a long promo battle between the two stars that was simply magnificent. The entire segment was 20 minutes long, longer than Punk's actual match he had to have afterward. You can watch it on AEW's YouTube channel, and I highly suggest you go. I had forgotten there was an entire show that had to take place afterward. There was so much said in this opening segment that to describe it all would take a whole page.


Team Taz sat across from Dante and Lio Rush as it was time to decide on joining the team. Taz wasn't happy with Lio being there, but the young manager replied that Martin's business was his business as well. He tried to remove the pen Taz supplied for Martin to sign a contract with him, but Dante took the pen back and signed in a surprising turn, much to Lio's shock. This may be a great move for the rising star. Personally, I never cared for Dante's partnership with Lio. However, Martin seemed to be showing more fire and attitude in the past weeks. Perhaps Taz is the manager he needs to realize his full potential.


Rosa is sent into the barricade early on as Hayter took the momentum. Rosa made it back into the ring and sent Hayter out and into the barricade. She was about to hit a suplex on the heel but was countered and sent into the ring post. Hayter tried to hit Rosa with a suplex of her own but was prevented from doing so and got hit with a dropkick. Hayter was rocked with a running dropkick in the corner, followed by a suplex attempt by Rosa, but her back was too injured to pull it off. Hayter took notice and set to attacking the exposed weak spot. As Rosa was beginning to make a comeback, Rebel hopped on the apron to distract the referee so that Britt Baker could assist her ally but ended up hitting Hayter with a superkick by accident, allowing Rosa to take the win with a roll-up.


Danielson beat Cabana in about five minutes in the same heelish fashion he did Evil Uno last week by stomping on his head before submitting him. The short length of the match made a bit of sense. For the most part, Cabana is a comedic wrestler, so he probably didn't need to wrestle too long. However, he got Bryan plenty of heat as another hometown hero who got beat. After the match, Bryan got on the mic and called the fans fickle for their boo's before challenging any Atlanta-born Dark Order members to meet the same fate as Cabana next week. Hangman then came to the ring ready to have their match on the spot, which caused Bryan to reiterate the term "Coward Shit" from last week as he had just had a match. Nonetheless, Hangman refused to leave Chicago without a fight and offered Bryan the chance to take the first shot. Bryan considered it an insult but took it anyway, leading to a short scuffle before Bryan escaped.


Dax forced Cody into the corner to start the match, but Cody powered back and floored the heel before throwing his weight belt into the crowd… who then threw it back. Pac tagged in and went to work against Cash as the fans continued to throw Cody's belt back, which he then put back on to discontinue their disrespect. Pac and Penta teamed up on Cash before he was able to break away and tag in Andrade. He tried to win with a small package before being stopped by all Death Triangle members. Cody tagged in but was immediately stomped into the mat, much to the delight of the fans until he tagged in Rey Fenix, who leveled FTR and sent Andrade outside. Cody and Andrade tag in, and the action saw the heel layout the face before receiving a belly-to-belly suplex. Next, Penta hit FTR with a series of sling blades, followed by dives onto the floor. Black would then spit mist in Pac's face and attack Cody, allowing Andrade to win the match for his team.

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