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AEW Rampage 11/26/2021


It's AEW Rampage on Black Friday 2021! Get in the know with all that's happening in pro wrestling's hottest promotion right here!


Fish and Yuta started the match with some holds until Yuta tagged in Cassidy. The Best friends teamed up on Fish until the heel tagged in Cole. This face-off saw some back and forth with Cassidy trying to put his hands in his pockets and Cole stopping him. Yuta tagged himself back in and threw some elbows but got distracted by Fish to let Cole take advantage. The two heels double-teamed Yuta until Cassidy got the hot tag and put the control back in his team’s favor. Yuta hit Cole with a German Suplex, and Cassidy tried for a pin on Cole, only to get two. The heels then double-teamed Cassidy for a two count. Cassidy tried to hit his Orange Punch but was hit with an exploder by Fish. Yuta got the tag and grounded Fish but was tripped on the top rope. Fish capitalized with a Falcon Arrow off the rope for the victory. This was a great match to open the show with. Yuta was impressive. I hope to see more from him in future shows.


Riho hit Baker with two dropkicks before diving onto her and Rebel from the top rope when she ran out. The Japanese star threw the champion back into the ring and hit an elbow strike. Baker turned the tide by sending her opponent face-first into the turnbuckle and followed it up with some head stomps. Riho connected her boots to Baker to knock her back but was soon suplexed into a corner, hurting her legs. Riho hit Baker with a suplex of her own and got a two-count pin. Baker hit Riho with a double foot stomp and pin of her own but also got two. Riho pinned the champion as she tried for a neck breaker, earning her a shot at the title. I’m not sure when these two will face again for the gold, but this was a solid match. Their next encounter will be one to look forward to.


Kingston quickly ran off Garcia. When he was brave enough to get back in the ring, Eddie mauled him again before 2point0 pulled their guy out, prompting Eddie to attack both of them. Garcia took advantage of Eddie as he was reentering the ring, but Kingston soon fires back with some chops and an eye poke, followed by some ear-biting. Eddie hurt his knee at some point, and Garcia went after it with a kneebar, but Eddie made it to the ropes to break the hold. Eddie came back with a powerbomb on one leg, and both fighters struggled to get to their feet. Garcia started throwing some chops at Eddie and went to the ropes for a move but was men with a German Suplex. The two teed off on one another, with Garcia winning the face-off and laid out Kingston. The Mad King rebounded with another suplex and a back fist to win the match. Afterward, 2.0 attacked Eddie, but Chris Jericho ran in to make the save. It looks like Eddie and Jericho may be about to enter a program together. It should be interesting as they are both great talkers, and I know Jericho is a fan of Eddie’s outside the ring.

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