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AEW RAMPAGE 11/5/2021


If you didn't catch AEW Rampage this past Friday night and the unbelievable face-off between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston, never fear! The Pyrrhic and Dakota Mayes has you covered


Max Caster rapped his partner to the ring with some rhymes, as per usual, referencing everything from Bryan's wife, father-in-law, and the WWE roster members who were released two days prior. Bowens and Danielson grapple around to start in a good technical display. Bowens shows he can hang with Bryan in this regard and started getting cocky. It then turns into a slugfest. Bowens got the upper hand on the outside and with a bit of help from Caster. He worked on Bryan through the break. The American Dragon refused to die, though, and got a huge running clothesline followed by some kicks but no pin. He dumped Bowens out onto Caster and dived on both before throwing him back in and hitting a missile dropkick and stomps on his head before tapping him out with a LeBell Lock. After that, he will take on Miro at Full Gear for a shot at the world title in the finals of the eliminator tournament. It's hard to say who will win this bout. Miro has been demanding another opportunity to acquire championship gold, and Bryan has unresolved issues with Kenny Omega. It could go either way, but my guess is that Hangman will beat Omega for the AEW Title and go on to face Miro after he beats Bryan at the event, and Bryan will continue his feud with Omega.


Punk invited Eddie to "his" ring to apologize for interrupting his interview on last week's rampage. Eddie is angry to be called out like this and scoffs at Punk's desire for an apology, choosing to apologize to the crowd instead for not being on Dynamite due to covid concerns. He then proceeded to unload some baggage by saying he used to look up to Punk on the indies when he first broke into the business, but Punk only ever looked down on and judged him, which Punk admits to, but only in terms of holding him to a high standard and wanting him to reach his potential, but he just turned out to be a bum. Kingston, whose journey and hard work to get to AEW is well documented and struggled financially during the pandemic before getting signed, did not take kindly to this remark and challenged Punk to a match at Full Gear. Punk accepts, but before he can leave, Eddie tells him that when he loses at the event to quit for seven years again, which incites a brawl between the two that sees multiple staff and locker room members run out to pull them apart. This was such an intense segment, and I loved every minute of it. Eddie's passion and promo skills are so great that the crowd started to turn on Punk. What was a small beef between competitors has now become deeply personal. This will be a must-watch at Full Gear.


Velvet charged Bunny right out of the gate as she hadn't forgotten getting hit with brass knuckles. Jade Cargill watches with Mark Sterling at ringside to see her next opponent in the TBS Championship Tournament. Bunny caught Velvet off guard as she stared down Cargill and took control, but the crowd was behind Velvet, and their support helped her get back into the fight and hit a Velvet Slicer on the Bunny for the win. She and Jade traded words after the match. There is some animosity between the two.


Silver took the time to mock Cole's signature pose and earned a kick to the face for it. Cole was noted to be still suffering from the effects of the conchairto he took this past Wednesday on Dynamite, appearing dizzy, and Silver took advantage by tossing him from one corner of the ring to the other with his impressive strength. Cole through him out to shift the momentum. He wore Silver down, making him pay for weeks of calling him Budge, but his head injury makes him dizzy enough for Sliver to turn the tide. When the Young Bucks try to get involved, it incites the rest of the Dark Order to come down in their comrade's defense. Cole tried for a low blow in confusion, but Silver caught it and delivered one of his own behind the referee's back. He almost got the victory after hitting his finisher, but Cole kicks out at two and trips Silver up enough to hit a superkick and a knee to the back of the head to win the match. This was a thoroughly entertaining match, and Silver is a great talent.

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