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Rampage Review with Dakota Mayes

It's the second last AEW Rampage for November 2021. And as usual, Dakota Mayes has got it all covered for you here at The Pyrrhic.


Gunn rag-dolled Darby as the size difference was very evident. He’s from a generation of wrestlers that was centered on size and muscle. Darby was still banged up from his Full Gear match against MJF and felt the effects as if he had just finished another match before this one. Billy had control for much of the bout as he tossed Darby all over the place like a school bully, leading the crowd to call him an asshole. Billy kept the pace slow, taking the time to hug his kids and get a sip of water. The match felt more like a WWE match, which isn’t bad as Gunn got the crowd well behind Darby and built up the anticipation for a big comeback. He mocked Sting throughout the match and tried to torment him into throwing in the towel. Darby’s comeback began with him taking out the Gunn Club with a coffin drop. Then he surprised Billy with two more to capture the victory. The Gunn Club attacked Allin and Sting after the match, and the segment ended with Billy knocking out the Icon.


As expected, the match started with a brawl. Velvet had Jade well scouted, but she is no match for her superior height and strength as Jade caught Velvet, tossed her, and then stomped her into the mat. From here, Jade controlled the pacing. Velvet caught her off guard and tossed her out, but as she moved to dive through the ropes onto her, she got caught up, and Jade was able to capitalize yet again. Velvet fought back on pure desperation and tripped Jade up a few times, but Jade was just too much for her and hit her with Jaded to advance to the finals.


Jungle Boy and Cole started and tried to overpower one another. The two have been rivals ever since Cole’s debut, and the hatred is evident. Cole got Jungle Boy down and tagged in Fish, but Jungle Boy quickly bounced back and outmaneuvered him. Jurassic Express used their teamwork to work over Fish until he distracted the referee to allow Cole to take advantage, putting the match in the heels control. They isolated Jungle Boy and used double-teaming tactics to wear him down. The crowd rallied behind him and motivated him to start his comeback as he caught Fish off-guard so he could begin crawling for the tag. Both Cole and Luchasaurus tagged in, and the large face mowed through both heels. He then tagged Jungle Boy back in for some two-person maneuvers. Fish and Cole worked together to take back control, and Cole almost pinned Jungle Boy, but there was a lot of fight left in him. Cole called the Bucks out to distract or interfere with Luchasaurus, but before they had the chance to do anything, Christian came down with a chair to chase them and Adam Cole up the ramp and held them at bay as Jungle Boy locked in the snare trap on Fish to win the match for his team.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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