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AEW Rampage Review

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

All The Latest From The 10/15 Episode of Rampage


It's noted that these two haven't met in the ring for ten years. The last time they faced off was in WWE. There's a lot of respect between the two as they shake hands at the start of the bout. The match sees a smoothly paced back and forth one-ups-manship contest in the earlier portion.

Punk has control for the most part, but Sydal is no slouch. It was almost a chess game between the two who had each other well-scoped. As time winded down, the pressure picked up. Sydal gave the Chicago native as much as he could take, but an ill-timed dive into a GTS saw the win go to Punk.

The two combatants hugged out of respect after the match. I'm still not sure where Punk is going into Full Gear. It seems his beef with Team Taz may be over. We may get an indication on the next Dynamite.


There are some dueling chants for both women from the ever so energetic AEW crowd. There are hints of championship implications for the upcoming TBS Championship tournament, the bracket for which will be revealed on Dynamite. Bunny thought she could bully Soho but quickly paid for it.

She hit a high knee on Soho and bounced her head off a turnbuckle. Her neck is stunned for a moment, slowing her down and allowing Bunny to keep the lead. Soho hits her with a flat liner on the outside to get back in the fight. Bunny is dazed after some running corner kicks, but it's not enough to put her away. Bunny is almost able to get back in the fight before getting wrapped in a roll-up pin.

Penelope Ford strikes Soho from behind, and the segment ends with Soho taking brass knuckles to the face. It seems a lot is heating up for the women's Tournament. The heels looked strong here, despite not getting the win.

I'll bet that both end up in the Tournament. Soho, Thunder Rosa, and Jade Cargill will most definitely be in it. Cargill is my guess to win the title as she has yet to be defeated, holding all the women's biggest winning streak.


The crowd loves to sing Jericho's music and despises American Top Team. Dan Lambert bashes the audience for singing Jericho's music and demands they do the same for the heels, as it is their hometown. The crowd, in return, chants for him to "shut the f*ck up." Scorpio Sky immediately floors Guevara with elbows, but he's able to bounce back and fight.

Dos Santos gets in the ring with Jericho. He fights like a brawler, which makes sense. He overwhelms Jericho with clubbing fists, but Hager, also an MMA fighter, tags in. They are throwing shots at one another until Hagar gets driven into the corner. Chris is back in and floors Dos Santos long enough for Jericho to get in Masvidal's face, clearly not having forgotten getting his knee a couple of weeks ago.

Back in the ring, he is overpowered by the Men of the Year. Dos Santos isn't in the ring any more than he needs to be. He probably doesn't have the most wrestling experience, so they are trying to protect him. He got back in when it was time for the power moves but is out as soon as possible. As soon as Chris can get Sammy in, he can clear everyone out to allow his team to take advantage, but they cannot get the pin.

Junior goes for Hagar and brutalizes him, hitting his head hard on the ring post. Hagar shuts him down by putting him through the timekeeper's table, taking them both out. Jericho puts Sky in the walls of Jericho. Paige VanZant gets on the apron and distracts the ref so Masvidal can knock Jericho out with a knee to secure the win for his crew. American Top Team then beats down Jericho until Santana and Ortiz make the save and chase the heals away.

I think there will be a five-on-five match next, seeing as the rest of Inner Circle is now involved. I'm wondering if there are plans for Jericho to fight Masvidal somewhere down the line, seeing as he has now knocked out Jericho twice. I know Dos Santos has been training for in-ring action, but I don't know how much the other MMA fighters have been or how far their involvement with AEW goes. I'm enjoying the story so far, though, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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