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Rampage Review with Dakota Mayes

It's the pre-Halloween fight fest on TNT. AEW Rampage is back with another week of barnstorming action culminating in the Trick or Treat match for the AEW Women's Title.


Eddie was a little brash and hostile as he did not like Bryan's comments that he didn't work for his progress. Bryan was the cooler-headed one of the two. Eddie also had tape on his shoulder from his match with Lance Archer, and Bryan went after it during the match and matched Eddie's style as a brawler, while Kingston drew on some of his own technical prowess to check Danielson. He beat the hell out of Bryans'sBryans's chest, making it hard for him to breathe. Bryan got him in a sleeper submission. He never tapped, but Eddie went out, giving Bryan the win. He tried to shake Eddie's hand after the match, but a dejected Kingston refused. He was mad after the match and demanded to know why the bell was wrong when he never tapped and got into a confrontation with CM Punk when he thought he was laughing at him. They didn't announce a match between the two for next week's shows. Perhaps this bout will be Punk's match at Full Gear?


Sydal tries to talk some sense into Martin about his partnership with Lio, telling him he doesn't need him. It'sIt's noted that Dante'sDante's worried about leaving his injured brother behind by siding with Lio. There'sThere's a lot of technical and aerial combat between the two as the bout begins. Sydal'sSydal's experience makes him a difficult opponent for the 23-year-old Dante, who is still new to the game. Lio coaches him from the sidelines, and we can see for a moment some attitude from the upstart as he continues to go on the attack. He needs to do a better job at maintaining it, though. The announcers would likely pick up on the new stern expression from the young upstart and talk up Rush'sRush's teaching for this angle. It would be good to show the influence of Lio's coaching in his face. Dante lost the past two bouts against Sydal, but he gets one over on the veteran with a moon Sault finisher.


The treat is that if Abaddon wins, she gets a title shot, but the trick is that the match is no DQ. Abaddon unnerves Britt, who is at first too scared to attack. When she does, she gets a stunner before quickly rolling out. Jaime Hayter and Rebel pull some weapons from under the ring, and Britt tries to put Abaddon through a table twice, but the table never breaks. Anytime a woman gets slammed onto a table without it breaking, it just looks so much more brutal. They end up back in the ring, and Abaddon introduces a bag of thumbtacks. Britt is the first to go in and gets pushed back onto them twice when the zombie tries to pin her. The Women'sWomen's Champion fights back and does everything she can to win. First, she curb-stomps Abaddon's head while in a chair, but she gets back up. She then fills Abaddon'sAbaddon's mouth full of tacks for the lockjaw but gets her fingers bitten instead. It takes interference and a distraction from Hayter and Rebel for Britt to get a roll-up victory. This was an entertaining and surprisingly gruesome match and was an excellent idea for the final show before Halloween.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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