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AEW Weekly 12/5/21

Catch-up On AEW In Five

Cody vs. Andrade El Idolo: Atlanta Street Fight

Despite the crowd still hating Cody, they seemed to dig this match. It had everything one would want in a hardcore themed bout: weapons, blood, fire, and brutality. Cody's matches sometimes tend to have a flair for theatricality, and it's all over this bout, but it was good. Cody still does everything the audience seems to boo him for, though. Blading himself, his wife, and something about his overall presentation. The fire was a surprising spot, and it would have been great if Andrade hadn't missed the table and Cody had gone through it himself. However, it seemed intentional as the retardant could be seen on Cody's back. While it was an entertaining match, many spots from Cody seemed to be cries for love as he was doing everything he could to get the people on his side, to no avail.

Chris Jericho, Eddie Kingston, and 2point0

Jericho was interviewing to clear any confusion from his saving Eddie Kingston last week. He said he wasn't trying to help Eddie. Instead, he was trying to take out 2point0, who had made an enemy out of him as well. The heels then arrived and attacked Jericho, beating him down in a three-on-one assault before hitting him in the head with a steel chair. Due to this attack, he couldn't make it to Rampage. Eddie later released a promo package addressed to 2point0, stating he doesn't care if they attacked Chris. However, they still have unfinished business after attacking him after his match with Daniel Garcia. It seems that Chris and Eddie will eventually either team together against the heels or get in each other's way enough to the point that they face each other. It will probably be both.

CM Punk and MJF

After a good match between Punk and Lee Moriarty (Punk looked a little outmatched, not going to lie), MJF got on the mic and attacked Punk. First, he accused him of trying to get into Britt Bakers' pants, which was pretty cringy and brought down the rest of his promo. He then accused Punk of struggling to beat QT Marshall and Lee Moriarty, but Punk retorted that both wrestlers were better than MJF, and he knows it. He then challenged him to bring his little needle-d*ck to the ring and fight. It's such a great insult. MJF refused, of course, before threatening Punk's dog, which he had brought to the arena with him. This prompted Punk to go after MJF to show him what John Wick was about before Wardlow stopped him. After that, there was another excellent back and forth between the two stars, although the segment really could have done without the Britt Baker quotes. This segment set up a future confrontation with Wardlow for Punk, a possible match before Winter is Coming. I bet that Punk will fight MJF at said event, although it is possible, they could drag it out until Revolution and have Punk fight Wardlow at Winter is Coming.

Pac and Penta vs. FTR

This was another great and hard-hitting match from two teams that always deliver. This was supposed to be a two out of three falls match between the tag champs and FTR, but Rey Fenix couldn't make it to the show due to travel issues. Story-wise, FTR took him out, so this match happened instead. Pac sported an eyepatch throughout due to Malakai Black's mist in their last confrontation, which hindered him. It didn't stop him from hitting his high-flying moves, however. FTR used every dirty trick in the book to keep the faces grounded and would capture the victory with Malakai's help as he misted Pac's once again to keep his beef with the Death Triangle going. I'm not sure if Blood and Guts will be a yearly event, but from the looks of things, we have two teams of four feuding. So it could be on its way.

Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho

This was a match that had been built for weeks. No other bout in the current TBS Tournament bracket has received this much attention. It finally occurred on last week's Dynamite, and it delivered. The two women tested each other and took one another to the limit in a very engaging match with many near falls. As both are popular faces, it was hard to pick a favorite. Neither woman gave an inch, but Ruby advanced in the tournament with a roll-up victory. I was a little bummed out with the ending of this match. I get they still want both competitors to look strong, but I would have liked a clean finish. They immediately set to build up to the next match when Nyla Rose, Ruby's next opponent, attacked her after the match. Kris ran back in to fight her off, and the segment ended with a show of respect between Ruby and Kris.

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