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  • Bailey Zdrillic

Berries And Cream, Anyone?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Are You A Little Lad Who Loves 'Berries and Cream'?

Been on Tik-Tok the last couple of weeks? You haven't? Well, this isn't for you, then.

Finished lying?....... Good. Let's get on with it.

The 2007 Starburst commercial with, frankly, the weird little lad has turned into a phenomenon on the video-sharing app. He's been mixed with everyone from Tom Jones and ABBA to DMX and Cardi B and everybody in between, all the while being viewed in some way, shape, or form nearly 400 million times!

Believe it or not, when the sound on the app was uploaded, the man who uploaded it - Justin McElroy - tweeted in March that he was disappointed it "didn't catch fire" as he expected it to. He only needed to wait less than 6 months for it to turn viral.

Even the actor who portrayed the "Little Lad" in the original commercial, Jack Ferver, has acknowledged the trend on Instagram, whilst the @thereallittlelad account on Tik Tok has accumulated over 1.5 million followers and 14 million likes since the fad kicked off. Not only does the @threallittlelad account post videos - but also interacts with fans with hilarious and typo-ridden comments.

It hasn't just inspired remixes, memes, and clothing - it has definitely caught the eye of the contents' original producers Starburst. Justin Hollyn-Taub, Senior Director, US Fruit Snacks at Mars, Inc., said to Insider:

"We... love seeing the creative dance being shared amongst fans. Is anyone available to give us a tutorial on how to dance like this? It has been nearly fifteen years since STARBURST first learned it after all!"

Not bad for a candy commercial from 15 years ago. The internet in 2021 is a strange, strange place

Easy peasy. Nice and easy. Light and breezy.

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