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Crown Jewel 2021 Results

Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Rollins set up a table early but ended up going through it himself when Edge pushed him off the top turnbuckle into the cell to fall through the table. Edge had Seth in a cross-face, but he escaped by jamming a rod from a chair into Edge’s eye. Rollins threw a toolbox into the ring and looked to achieve the same finish as their match at MSG, this time with a chain wrapped around his foot.

Edge countered and returned the MSG superkicks to Seth before locking in the Glasgow Grin submission with a wrench. Edge lets go to Curb Stomp Rollins on a chair for the win instead. Both men received a standing ovation from the crowd as an emotional Edge watched Rollins slink away, the war finally over.


In the first 5 minutes, it was all brutality as Lashley wore down Goldberg mercilessly until Goldberg dodged a Spear, leading Lashley to hit a table headfirst. Goldberg then threw Lashley around a bit before the action went up the stage, where Goldberg Speared Lashley onto some tables for the win.

It was a fine enough match, hard-hitting and fun to watch. As we advance, if the Almighty doesn’t continue his feud with Big E like I’ve been guessing, then he will probably focus his attention on Survivor Series as part of the Raw team.


They touted Woods’s dream to be King of the Ring and played up the rest of the New Days career achievements, with this being Woods’s moment. Woods got the win when Balor missed the coup de grace, and Woods rocked Balor, hitting an elbow drop for the win.

In the women’s match, Doudrop used her size advantage, but Zelina was able to get the better of her and hit a rolling powerbomb for the win. The match was short, but it was longer than all other matches in the women’s tournament, and the two were able to tell a story and deliver a solid match. The correct winners were chosen for both matches. Now we wait to see how both carry on in the weeks to come.


After some showmanship, Drew gained control, but E wouldn’t back down. Drew tried for the Future Shock DDT, but E planted him for a near fall. E went for the Big Ending and Drew countered for a roll-up attempt. The crowd is really into the match. Drew tried for the Claymore, but E turned it into a powerbomb and submission.

When Drew got out, E hit a Big Ending for a 2-count. E looked for another Big Ending off the top rope, but Drew stopped him with a bulldog and almost got the win with a Claymore. Instead, E hit another Big Ending for the success.


Bianca saved Becky from a Bank Statement, and Banks worked over both women but had a hard time winning. Becky tried to leg drop both opponents from the top, but they caught her and hit her with a double buckle bomb to take her out for a bit. Sasha hit the three amigos on EST before getting tossed out, leaving Bianca and Becky to fight.

Bianca got the Man up for a KOD, but she landed on her feet. Becky puts an armbar on the EST, but Sasha hits a splash on both women at once. After more back and forth, EST hit a KOD on Becky, but she and Sasha wrestled overthrowing another out of the ring. Sasha won, but Becky recovered enough to get a roll-up pin on Sasha by holding the rope. This was a stellar match from start to finish, and the crowd was with it the whole way.


The two switched control as both men’s power canceled out the other. Lesnar tried an F5 on the outside, but Roman escaped back into the ring, and Superman Punched Lesnar. Roman hits a Spear and some Superman Punches when both men are in the ring, but Brock dodges a second Spear.

Next, Brock powered out of a guillotine submission hold and hit an F5, but Roman’s legs knocked out the referee. Heyman threw the belt between both men, and Brock got it first, but The Usos super kicked him, allowing Roman to capitalize with the strap to retain. It is left unclear who Heyman meant to throw the belt to, but one thing is for sure, the story is not over. It may be put on hold for a bit, but we can expect it to pick up again in the future.

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