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Derry Girls Season 3 Finally Coming

Derry Girls Season 3 Finally Filming, Plus A Look At The Cast

. Previous seasons 1 and 2 came out in 2018 and 2019 in the UK - it's been roughly a year and a half since the last episode of season 2 aired on April 9, 2019.

There's still no official word when it will finally be out on Netflix. Season 2 was broadcast on the British Channel 4 about 4 months before it was available for streaming. Without a broadcast date even set yet, I can't imagine we'll see it any sooner than next summer.

At least production should hopefully be pretty quick. The first two seasons were both 6 episodes long, so it's fair to assume that season 3 might only be 6 episodes as well.

Show creator Lisa McGee shared this image on Twitter recently. It seems to indicate that season 3 began filming on October 4th:

What's Ahead In Season 3?

Little has been confirmed for season 3, though Nicola Coughlan (Clare) does say in an interview with Her that, "We can't do anything involving a crowd right now, so logistically, it's really tough. But I spoke to Lisa McGee recently and she talked me through the storylines. They're so brilliant, which doesn't surprise me - she's just incredible - but it made me want to do it right now. "

Season 2 left off with 90's Ireland finally seeing a glimpse of peace, thanks to the IRA calling a ceasefire in August 1994. History tells us that this isn't the end of the story - the IRA ended its ceasefire by 1996, with several attacks in London. Whether or not this will be included in the show's storyline remains to be seen.

As James chose to remain in Derry while his mother returned to London, it will be interesting if the attacks in London do come up. There's potentially a lot of stories to tell there, though it may be a bit too dramatic for the mostly-comic series.

Speaking of James, hints were dropped in the last few episodes that a romance might be blooming between him and Erin. I predict that we'll see the girls beginning to settle and mature in season 3, no longer the wild 16-year-olds they were at the start of the series. With the girls growing up a bit, it might finally be a reasonable time to see James and Erin realize they make a suitable pair.

Writer and creator Lisa McGee released an official statement by Instagram back in September, confirming that season 3 will be the last:

Derry Girls Cast

The regularly occurring cast is expected to be back for season 3. This includes:

Saoirse-Monica Jackson

Saoirse-Monica Jackson as Erin Quinn. Jackson is best known for Derry Girls, but she'll soon be seen in both The Flash and Coffee Wars. She's also the new ambassador for the charity Children In Crossfire. A true Derry girl herself, she studied at the Arden School of Theatre. Fun note: That extremely Irish name is pronounced "Sur-sha".

Louisa Harland

Louisa Harland plays Orla McCool, Erin's cousin. Louisa's first acting credit was as Kayleigh in the TV show Love/Hate. She was also in Woody Harrelson's Lost In London. Harland was born in Dublin, Ireland, and her father is Northern Irish. She has most recently been seen as Cloda O'Donnell on The Deceived.

Nicola Coughlan

Nicola Coughlan portrays Clare Devlin, one of the 'Derry Girls'. Clare comes out as a lesbian at the end of season one. Coughlan is also known for her role as Penelope Featherington on the Netflix show Bridgerton.

Coughlin is known for calling attention to what she considers unfair scrutiny of women's bodies. She's also raised funds for Laura Lynn Hospice, a children's hospice in Ireland. Coughlin was born in Galway, Ireland, and decided at age 5 to become an actress.

Jamie-Lee O'Donnell

Jamie-Lee O'Donnell portrays Michelle Mallon, the wise-cracking and rebellious wild child of the group. O'Donnell was born in Derry. She played Eva Maguire in 6 Degrees, and later was a cast member of Girls and Dolls, a play by Lisa McGee (Derry Girls writer and creator). Coming up, look to find her on Redeeming Love and Unwelcome.

Dylan Llewellyn

Dylan Llewellyn plays James, Michelle's cousin who never quite fits in. He's the only boy amongst the Derry girls - in fact, he's the only boy at their all-girls school. And to make matters worse, he's English - something even his own cousin seems to expect an apology for. He's been unceremoniously dumped in Derry by his mother, who promptly returned home to England and left him as a stranger in a strange land.

Llewellyn is also known for playing Martin 'Jono' Johnson in the soap opera Hollyoaks. He'll soon be seen as Jeremy in A Grand Romantic Gesture and Wally Nightingale in the TV mini-series Pistol. Llewellyn is an English actor, born in Reigate, Surrey. He was born on September 10, 1992. He has been acting since 2009.

Jamie Dixon is a contributing writer here at The Pyrrhic. She's a content writer by profession, but this is more fun. She's also working on her first novel in her spare time.

Find her on Twitter @onegirloneblog

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