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Discussing Madden 23 Franchise Mode

Is the latest iteration an improvement? Or is it more of the same?

Although the games may look and play better, you’d be forgiven for believing that Madden 23’s Franchise mode remains unchanged from the prior year. The final in-season circumstances and new scouting system for Madden 22 were introduced in March. EA must have believed that the Madden 23 franchise players would appreciate earlier improvements and framework changes (such as an enhanced free agency). It becomes more clear that the developers are constructing on a weak foundation the more they tweak the same style and presentation from a decade ago.

Even when Madden 23’s franchise mode functions as intended, bugs and failures make it difficult for online franchises to maintain momentum and keep members from being kicked out. Let’s examine some of the franchise mode’s essential elements in Madden 23 to determine which are the most problematic and why they lack immersion and realism. Despite this, the game has Madden 23 coins that you can nearly always get purchased in whereabouts all over there, which makes the game more realistic. Get my grim humor, won’t you? I’ll now attempt to provide some solutions and suggestions that might put Madden’s franchise mode back on track.

Early Madden’s player growth was stale and at odds with the actual sports simulation. The amount of experience points a player earns in practice or competition is based on which of four development criteria they fall into: standard, star, superstar, or superstar X-Factor. There is no way to know how fast or slowly each player will progress, thus it is unfair to categorize them all into the same categories. It’s not useful that a player’s game or season performance is associated with his capacity to alter his developmental attributes. This kind of compensation assumes that players can make it in the NFL with only one excellent game, rather than by constantly working to enhance their natural talent in practice. A new characteristic called Development, with the same requirements as other attributes, might be added to Madden to show the varying rates at which players can advance. They may decide to include a feature that might either boost or hinder a player’s growth potential. By removing many of the means by which a player’s potential for improvement may be hastened in response to its good in-game performance, see more dynamic shifts in development dependent on chance.

Second, as was previously said, the franchise mode season’s progression is based on breakthrough circumstances, which seldom match reality. It’s not fun to blame the quarterback or the offensive line after a game in which your team allowed many sacks, and the game itself loses excitement with each one (especially when they happen in back-to-back weeks). The monotony and repetition of old situations, which always boil down to choosing between two options or reaching a certain statistical threshold in your next game to receive a reward, are not eased by the dull cinematic of your coach giving a press conference from a podium or talking to a player in the locker room. Franchise mode in Madden must prioritize quantity over quality if players are to have any chance of competing at the highest levels of the league. Construct many little roadblocks for the squad to encounter each week.

Also, you’ve had plenty of opportunities to act on information about draft-eligible players this season, but you’ve done nothing of the like. Even if it brings a dose of reality, player tales have the potential to contribute more to team development than the previously limited approach. It’s important to stay in contact with your scouts during the season, so they can provide updates on any prospects they’ve seen. They could provide you with a list of prospective guests and want your input on who to meet with. Besides mock drafts that predict who each team will take in the first round, it is helpful to know who your team’s beat writer thinks you will select with each selection and which positions you may target. Rookies in the draft often lack personality, although this might be mitigated by an increase in data, headlines, and anonymous complaints about defects or sickness. From watching “Pick Day”, I learned not to choose a top prospect whose birthday celebration was poorly attended.

The next issue up for debate is going to be the talent tree. The novelty of the personnel talent tree in Madden’s franchise mode, which was introduced a few years ago, has now worn off. Earning staff points for mundane tasks on game days is neither enjoyable nor motivating. There is no real-world equivalent to unlocking talent tree branches to raise XP for certain position groups or to attract free agents for gamers playing simulations. It is possible that this may be detrimental to online franchises because players who join later would have a lower starting level of experience points.

Madden must find a method to show the impact of coaching on a squad. It would be great if there was a coach’s carousel in the off-season, similar to the free agency market for players, where teams could make offers to certain coaches based on the strengths and shortcomings such coaches bring to the squad. I guess most of us would assume that the game has developed to where we can have an instant awareness of highlights.

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