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Hawkeye New Series Episodes 3 & 4

Disney MCU Offering Begins To Hit The Mark

The new series of Hawkeye episode 3 and 4 are now both on Disney+ and they are full of excitement. Kate and Clint’s adventure gets complicated in these two episodes. This article will discuss things that happen in these two episodes.



Favorably received by critics, Hawkeye episode 3 continues Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s story. Some fans have complained about the pacing of the show, claiming that Marvel did not want to spend as much money as in their previous title and so, therefore, relies more heavily on comedy and less action-filled episodes. While it is true that Marvel spent less money on this series than the previous Disney+ shows, they did not need to spend as much money because Hawkeye’s story is supposed to be a street-level adventure. Other fans complain about the focus the series gives to Kate Bishop. But, spoiler alert, we all know she is also Hawkeye.

The series up to this point has been extremely faithful to the comic of the same name by Matt Fraction, who is credited as a producer for the show. The car chase is especially referential to the comic books, going so far as to have Clint not take the Red Charger and specifically comment about it as he does in the book.


Despite all the chases and back ally fights, Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton is quickly becoming a fan favorite simply because he is the most relatable Avenger. He is just a husband and a father who wants to be home for the holidays.

As the series goes on, fans are just as world-weary as Clint. After all the Avengers movies with Hawkeye, the loss of Natasha, going to a different planet, and being a hired assassin for the government, Clint is tired. It is obvious in the way he moves and how he talks to Kate, like someone, who has seen it all before, but Kate’s precociousness is infectious. Her excitement at working with her hero is one of the most precious aspects of the show and is slowly wearing aways Hawkeye’s hard exterior.


A major theme in this episode is overcoming hardships. Hawkeye is a guy, who has been through a lot, and that caused him to use a hearing aid. One of the most heart-wrenching and heartwarming scenes in the entire series is in this episode. Clint’s hearing aide breaks, but he receives a call. He can’t hear who it is, but Kate is there to write down what she hears for him. Clint is able to have a soft, human moment where he gets to talk to his son, but he needs Kate’s help to do it. It truly illustrates the sacrifice Clint has had to give as an Avenger and how friends are able to help, even people who save the world.

The last big question about episode 3 on fans’ minds is if Kingpin as played by Vincent D'onofrio will appear in this series. Fans know that Kingpin is connected to Echo, another major character, but it is unclear if he will be in this series or if he will just be alluded to. Maya, known as Echo, gets a flashback. Her father tells her that her uncle is going to pick her up and a figure enters the screen to squeeze her cheek. Fans everywhere believe this to be Vincent D’onofrio as Kingpin, and if it isn’t fans will riot.


Episode 4 picks up right where episode 3 left off. Jack’s sword right at Clint’s throat. After some quick talking from Kate, Clint sits down with the Bishops and Jack to discuss what he and Kate are doing in the Bishop residence. While talking, Clint notices that Jack was using Ronin’s sword which raises his suspicions. He has his wife, Luara, look into Slone Security, the security company Kate, her mother, and Jack all work for. She relates that it is a cover and Clint drops more hints that may relate to the Kingpin.


This episode is another that looks at family, a major theme n this series. Elenor Bishop, Kate’s mother, approaches Hawkeye as he leaves the house and asks him not to include her daughter in any more Avengers business and Clint obviously feels for her. He doesn’t want to endanger Kate, family means a lot to him. He is trying to get home to his family himself. Kate on the other hand really wants to be involved and she is perceptive too, noticing Clint’s loneliness. She tries to comfort him by doing things with him that he would do with his family, showing that found family can be just as important as his actual family.

This episode is a little slower than the previous 3 episodes, but that allows for more talking and character development. Through dialog, fans can really see the post-traumatic stress that Clint has been dealing with, especially how he snaps at Kate before relating the story of how he met Natasha Romanoff. He has been trying to deal with it the entire series, but talking about it that little bit seems to have given him some relief.

At the end of the episode, we do get to see Florence Pugh as the new Black Widow, Yelena Belova. Anyone who has seen the post-credit scene in the Black Widow movie knew that she would find her way into this series somehow. Given how she ran away after she was revealed, she will continue to plague Clint for quite some time yet.


With many fans experiencing superhero fatigue, Hawkeye on Disney+ is a welcome addition to the MCU. The story fills the role of superheroes in a Marvel story, but the adventure the heroes go on is a little bit more grounded in reality. This series stands out because fans don’t want to see a world-level threat every time Marvel produces content. Some heroes are more nuanced and require smaller stories. This series shows, not only is that possible, but it can be spectacular.

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