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Matrix Resurrections Trailer

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Neo Is Back As The First Trailer Is Dropped


If you’re anything like me, you’ll be opening your medicine cabinet and getting out the blue pills, so you can gorge on them like a bucket of KFC after a night on the grape juice.

Why blue, you ask? So we can stay in the matrix for a little longer! Far too much time between drinks for this long-time fan.

The trailer just dropped, a lot like our jaws when we learned that Laurence Fishburne wouldn’t be reprising his role as Morpheus. Also, I’m genuinely concerned about how many of those blue pills Keanu is consuming in that trailer… moderation, bro.

What does it all mean, exactly? Well, if we cast our observational eyes over the original trilogy, we note that there is a heavy focus on rebirth and cycles. The fact that there had been many other “ones” before the Neo, that we all came to know and love, in addition to the many other Zions that had been destroyed over those cycles to maintain the status quo of the matrix, is something to remember.

The most recent film left us with Neo making an uneasy truce with the machines and we were believing that he had perished in the machine city (or did he?) With the cliffhanger being the Oracle and the Architect pontificating on how long that fickle truce may last.

From the outside looking in, this could be the angle with regards to a younger-looking Morpheus. Seeming to indicate that it's related to the new edition of the series taking place in a new cycle of the matrix. Perhaps one where some are plugged back in from a previous cycle and others are reincarnations, so to speak.

It does, however, leave one salivating when we note that Neo and Trinity are clearly older. Neo is very obviously suffering from unresolved trauma and repressing memories of his unimaginable power with buckets of blue pills. That leads us to hope that maybe he is the Neo of old and has, perhaps, just been plugged back in and heavily sedated. Here’s hoping!


The white rabbit gets quite a lot of play here and I have to say that it really tickled my jimmy.

  • Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” playing as the theme song is an obvious throwback to the famous sequence in the original movie.

  • The (I’m guessing) new Oracle hands him a copy of “Alice in Wonderland - Another white rabbit.

  • Yet another can be seen as a tattoo on the shoulder of a mysterious new character who I haven’t come to any conclusions on yet.

The black cat can be seen on the desk of Neil Patrick Harris early on in the trailer and Trinity mentions a feeling of deja vu, indicating a glitch in the matrix when they meet.

The trailer does a fantastic job of drawing in old fans and bringing in new ones with the metaphor of a modern-day, real-life matrix with the scene where everyone on the elevator has their eyes locked on their phones.

All in all - I’m excited for what looks to be a generous Christmas season of movie releases this year. Matrix Resurrections headlines that list for yours truly.

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