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New Eve 6 'I Wanna Bite Your Face' Lyrics Celebrate Weirdness Of Love

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Eve 6, the band responsible for early-aughts hits like "Promise" and "Inside Out" is back with Grim Value. Fans have been waiting for this one for a while - it's been nearly 10 years since their last album, Speak In Code, dropped in 2012.

"I Wanna Bite Your Face" is one of five tracks on the CD. Lead singer Max Collins sounds more mature on this one, his voice not quite as bright and pop-infused as on the band's earlier sound. But it's still catchy, full of fun pop-culture nods. As always, the words spill out of Collins at a rapid clip. It's an upbeat flood of rhymes and wordplay that make the lyrics very nearly border on nonsense.

But, listening closer, it's not all nonsense. The song does tell a story- a strange one, celebrating the weird idiosyncrasies of new love. It's not particularly deep, but it's entertaining and relatable.

Well, at least sort of relatable. When I think back on the days I was filled with the wonder of young love, I certainly remember that jarring feeling of worrying that you love too much. However, I'm not so sure I ever wanted to, as Collins supposes, share anyone's underwear.

By the time Collins proclaims that he wants to "get crunk at a matinee," you find that you're dancing along, no longer concerned that the song began vaguely threatening. Somehow, the idea is immensely appealing by the end, thanks to catchy, heart-warming lyrics.

The song continues with even more absurd, yet somehow incredibly, personalized appeals. He's eager to go to Paris, the city of romance, and re-enact The Last Pogo (a historic Toronto concert that served as the unofficial end for the late 70s wave of punk). Love and punk concerts may not seem like two things that go hand-in-hand for most of us - but that's what makes this love special, no?

The offers get a bit more insane as it continues. He'd get a mohawk for her. He'd even buy her roses. Granted, this might be the most normal item on the list, but then he adds that she doesn't even like roses. Still, he just can't help himself - he's a passionate man, we're left to assume. Besides, as he assures her, it's no problem that she prefers dead flowers, as they'll die soon enough left in a vase of water.

He makes one more fairly conventional request, as he suggests they "get a Lime". Lime, for those who don't know, is a ride-sharing service in large cities that operates mostly through borrowing scooters, bikes, and other simple forms of short-distance transportation.

By the end of the song, Eve 6 has married these two seemingly diametric ideals. Combining both wild passion and the everyday mundane parts of a "grown-up" relationship, Collins croons, "Our love is mercurial. We split bowls of cereal."

So, The Beatles wanted to hold your hand, but Eve 6 would rather bite your face. To be honest, they make it sound a little more exciting.

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