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RAW Takes 11/15/21

RAW Recap with Dakota Mayes

Monday has come and gone, and that means the WWE flagship show RAW has amped up proceedings as we head into Survivor Series later this month. resident wrestling expert Dakota Mayes has all the info you need in this week's edition of RAW Takes.


Big E addressed Roman Reigns and his actions against his New Day brethren for the first time. He threatened to put him and the Bloodline in hospital beds before addressing Kevin Owens and his attack last week. KO answered and outright confirmed his heel turn, vowing to be everything everyone believed him to be and to be worse than he's ever been. He decided not to fight, however and left. Big E went after him but was attacked by the Usos, who proclaimed their presence as a message from the Tribal Chief. Riddle came to Big E's rescue before they could fully fulfill their objective. The ensuing fight led Sonya Deville to turn the altercation into a tag match. Seth Rollins joined commentary but soon joined the fray when Big E threw one of the Usos at him, causing him to attack and Sonya to add Randy Orton to the bout. Seth pinned Riddle to capture the victory for him and the Usos, but Randy hit him with an RKO to take him out. Big E then ended the segment with his own message to Roman, dropping Jey with a big-ending and warning that he is coming for Roman.


Becky first addressed Charlotte's comments from SmackDown, showing a recap of Charlotte saying Becky is a fabricated champion. Becky responded by reminding her that she's the person who used to be Charlotte's best friend through good times and bad, but their friendship came with the condition that Becky had to be in her shadow. She also reminded Charlotte that she had to work harder to be who she is now and that her success has made Charlotte bitter. She will force Charlotte to face her demons because their match is about personal legacy and not brand supremacy.

Liv came out before Becky could continue. They talked about the day Becky told Liv that she would be champion when she comes back from pregnancy. Becky said that Liv dropped the ball and has done nothing and can't blame Becky for it because she wasn't there. Liv simply retorted that Becky isn't big-time Beks. She's just a big-time bitch. Becky tried to hit a man-handle slam on her, but Liv countered by sending Becky out of the ring, waving the title she left behind to Becky's anger. Becky said a lot to run her down, and Liv needed to have a good comeback for all that was said. Simply calling Becky a bitch made her seem weak.


Kevin dominated the early portion of the match. His new attitude came with newfound aggression that saw him keep the momentum against Finn. The Irishman soon found his opening, though, and began pushing back against Owens, tossing him out and diving onto him. His control is short-lived, however, as the two started a back-and-forth power struggle. KO almost put Finn away with a pop-up powerbomb, and when it failed, he tried for a Swanton, which failed as Finn got his knees up. Balor went to the top rope for a coup de grace, but KO pushed him off the turnbuckle and hit a stunner for the victory. This was a great match. It showcased KO's change in attitude as a heel, and no man looked weak. Despite the loss, Finn still looked like a top contender.


Rey was quick to go after the Almighty, backing him into a corner. The Almighty powered back, but Rey wasn't about to give up the momentum and stumped Lashley numerous times, hitting a 619 variation and a splash on the outside. Lashley rebounded, however, and slammed the legend against the barricade. Lashley took control, pummeling Rey. Despite the abuse, Rey kicked out of the pin attempt. He tried his hardest to get back into the fight, hitting Lashley with a 619 first to the gut and then to the head, but Rey was already heavily weakened. He wasn't able to put his full power into his offense, allowing Lashley to easily get out of a pin attempt and submit the older Mysterio with the Hurt Lock. After the match, Pearce removed Rey from team raw and replaced him with Austin Theory, who hit an ATL on Dominick to end the show. Not a bad way to end Raw. Lashley is still as dominant without the WWE championship. I'm not sure if he will feud with the Mysterio's after Survivor Series as Theory still currently is, but Rey is a legendary underdog. Father and son feuding against two stronger opponents may be a great story.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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