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RAW Takes 11/22/21

RAW Recap with Dakota Mayes

Its Monday. That means WWE Monday Night Raw, and more importantly, it means it's time for RAW Takes with Dakota Mayes at


This match was supposed to happen. But, unfortunately, Seth and Balor brawled before the bell was even rung. First, Balor hit Rollins with a dive but was then thrown into the barricade and onto the announcer's table. Then, Rollins followed it up by hitting Finn in the face with the ring steps before hitting a couple of Curb Stomps before leaving Finn laying as officials check on him. I'm not sure what the purpose of this altercation was, but Seth sure does seem to be making a lot of enemies. Could his title shot turn into a fatal four-way now?


The Profits went into their match with a bag in hand. Ford and Styles started the bout with Ford quickly flooring the former world champion. Styles then tagged in Omos, but before he could lock up with anyone, the Profits retreated to talk strategy on the floor before a break. After commercials, it was Styles and Dawkins in the ring with Styles in control. Ford got the tag and quickly started to put the odds back in their favor, but Omos got the tag again. Most of Ford's offense failed, but he managed to momentarily stagger the giant with an enziguri, until he rebounded and hit Ford with a clothesline. Dawkins tried to aid his partner but was promptly thrown out. Having decided he's had enough, Dawkins then pulled a fire extinguisher from the bag to blind the giant, ending the bout in a DQ finish.


Rhea attacked Carmella after putting on her atrocious mask and tossed her in the ring to continue her assault. Zelina got the tag, but things didn't go any better for her as Rhea blocked a huricanrana attempt and ran through the smaller competitor. Ripley found herself on the receiving end of a DDT and was powered into a corner for Nikki to tag in. Carmella got Ripley to chase her for a bit before having to run back into the ring to break a cover. Ripley was then sent back out and hit her head on the ring post after taking a superkick. In the ring, Vega attacked Nikki behind and allowed Carmella to hit a superkick, followed by a Code Red from Zelina to capture the titles in a disappointingly short match. I'm disappointed with this outcome as the now-former champions didn't do much since winning the belts. I also hated the length of this match as the women still don't seem to get adequate time. On the plus side, we may see Rhea and Nikki split up. I never thought the Nightmare should have been on a team, and Nikki was crammed into this before she had the chance to explore her superhero gimmick fully.


In an exchange before the match, MVP told Rey that he didn't respect him as a father for teaching his son that monsters weren't real because Lashley is a monster and said that Dominick would be tapping to the Hurt Lock in just a few minutes. He then offered to give his number to Rey's wife.

At the start of the match, Dominik jumped on Lashley's back and was quickly sent into a corner. Rey tried to assist, only to be met with a power slam. Dominik saved his dad from a Hurt Lock. He then tried to dive onto Lashley after sending him out but was caught. Rey stopped Lashley from ramming him against the post with a dive of his own. Lashley rebounded and managed to ram the younger Mysterio against the ring post after all. Lashley would ultimately prove MVP correct by tapping Dominik out with the Hurt Lock to win the match.


Vince McMahon granted Austin Theory a WWE Championship match as a reward for returning his $100 million egg. And of course, Seth Rollins got a front a front-row seat. The bout started fast with Big E quickly running Theory over and hitting his apron splash on the blue-chip star. The Champion was temporarily distracted by the arrival of Kevin Owens, allowing Theory to take advantage with a dropkick to the floor. Big E came back with a bell-to-belly suplex. Theory then kicked him in the face and blocked a spear through the ropes, but Big E was undeterred and proceeded to run the younger star over once more. Rollins got in a cheap shot from the floor and gave Theory the chance to hit his rolling blockbuster dropkick. KO and Rollins began to argue at ringside and distracted Theory, which the champ then capitalized on with a Big Ending to win the match.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at Want more WWE? Check out this: Survivor Series 2021 - Highlights of the Night Show your love for with this sweet branded t-shirt

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