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RAW Takes 11/8/21



There was tension between Randy and the Street Profits before the match after he told them they were on their own regarding their beef with Omos. Despite this, the faces worked well together as they had control against the heels. Tension started brewing when Styles berated the Dirty Dogs. Randy got a hot tag and went wild, but things got tense when Omos tagged in and started running through the faces. Montez found himself isolated as the crowd tried to will him to his corner. He tagged in Dawkins, but unfortunately, Omos beat them both down. Riddle tried to assist, much to Orton’s anger, but got laid out. AJ wanted in, but Ziggler stole his tag, leading to their team’s dissolution. Ziggler still managed to secure the win, though Orton ended the segment by RKO-ing him.


Adam Pearce felt that he made a huge mistake by putting Dominick on the Raw team as he is the only one who has never been a world champion. He gave him a chance to remain on the team if he could beat Bobby Lashley, who had not been seen since Crown Jewel. Instead, the Almighty destroyed the 2nd generation star for almost ten minutes, not letting him tap to his full nelson and choosing to prolong his suffering until he finally allowed him to submit. Lashley is now on team Raw, and Rey must somehow coexist with him. This more than likely set up the usual tension that sees teams fall apart at Survivor Series. Egos and personal animosities always cause teammates in these matches to turn on each other to go by faster, thus making them more predictable.


Vega and Carmela acted as a team throughout the match. They pulled out Bianca, and Rhea fought them both. Liv was on the outside for much of the match. The heels started to lose trust in one another as they both wanted to win. Vega almost won but was stopped by Bianca, who Liv then took out with double knees. Liv then had to stop Rhea from pinning the EST and started to get the momentum going in her favor until Vega shut her down. Bianca fought back into the match and almost won, but Doudrop pulled her out of the ring before she could win. The two stars had tension before the match as Doudrop felt she deserved to be in the 5-way since the EST lost all her title opportunities. Liv pinned Carmella to earn the shot. This match wasn’t all that exciting as far as 5-ways go, but Liv deserves this opportunity.


KO was trying to ease his conscience all night by asking Big E, Rey Mysterio, and R-truth to believe him when he said he wasn’t trying to side with Rollins last week during his match. Rey was hesitant to believe him, Big E did not trust him, and Truth was in his own world and wasn’t paying attention. Seth spent the night besmirching Kevin’s name by telling E and the Audience that KO was a liar, even going so far as to say the whole thing was planned weeks in advance. KO came out, clearly frustrated, and pummeled Rollins in and out of the ring. Rollins got the better of KO and downed him on the outside. KO got back into the fight by DDT-ing Rollins and hitting a splash but was too stunned by injured ribs to get a 3-count. They teed off on each other with kicks and chops, with neither one backing down. KO hit a monstrous clothesline, Rollins hit a pedigree, but KO kicked out when Seth tried to get the pin. Seth hit him on the back of the neck and had him stunned on the outside. He almost drove the both of them into Big E, who dodged, and as they were down at the announcer’s desks, KO got counted out after trying to avoid running into Big E while getting back in the ring. Enraged by his loss, KO goes berserk on Big E after the match, blaming him for being in the way. I’m not sure if this is a legitimate heel turn. KO had clearly been distraught the whole night, and Big E being in his may have been a wrong place, wrong time situation. But the situation between the three is heating up, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

This was a good episode, but I am disappointed they have not been trying to promote E’s match with Roman at Survivor Series as they had planted seeds of tension these past few months.

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