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RAW Takes 9/27/2021

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Big E vs Bobby Lashley In A Steel Cage And Goldberg!!!

Another week, another great episode of Monday Night Raw. The final episode before the Draft sees the potential end to the Lashley/ Big E rivalry and some new beginnings for other stars. Here are the highlights for this week's edition.

Big E vs Bobby Lashley: WWE Championship Match

In the night's opening match, both the champion and former champion came to the ring ready to fight. The disdain for one another is evident in both men as they fight intensely. After a slap in the corner from the champ, Lashley floors his opponent with a huge right hook, giving him the upper hand and leaving Big E bleeding from the mouth.

The champion manages to take back the momentum in the second half, wearing down Lashley before being distracted by the newly reformed Hurt Business. Lashley is about to capitalize, but the New Day comes to their brother's aid, sending the match into a no contest. This was a good opening and left enough gas in the tanks of both men for the steel cage match later in the night.

Damien Priest vs Sheamus: No DQ Match For The US Championship

In a potentially feud-ending match, the two throw down in an exceptional battle for the United States title that had everything the previous night was short of; weapons, broken tables, and battered bodies. Sheamus was heavily booed for his antics, showing how good a heel he is this time around.

Both performers were covered with noticeable welts by the end of this engaging match, making it look like a street fight. Nevertheless, Priest retained the title and has been a great US Champion. I'm excited to see where he goes from here.

Shayna Baszler

Baszler had nothing to say when asked about Nia, clearly still holding conflicting feelings about her actions. Fast forward later, after Eva Marie costs Doudrop the victory in her match, Shayna chooses to continue last week's brutality on Eva, but this time having no second thoughts or remorse in damaging her arm. A good continuation of her development, although I wonder if this attack was against the right person.

The crowd may have enjoyed Baszler's assault more than they should have, considering their disdain for the leader of the Eva-lution, but turned their chants booing Shayna, perhaps having sympathy for Eva due to good acting. Perhaps Eva is due for time off, or they want to show that no one is safe from Baszler's wrath.

Goldberg Interview

In a surprise appearance, Goldberg had a stern message for the Almighty one, letting him know he still intends to avenge the attack from Lashley on his son Gage. In addition, Goldberg said he wants to kill Bobby, a very clear threat.

The direction Lashley will be taking in the coming weeks is clear, but I hope he and the Hurt Business continue to feud with the New Day after Crown Jewel. It's too early to end the feud now. I still see plenty of mileage in this faction warfare.

Big E vs Bobby Lashley: Steel Cage Match For The WWE Championship

Lashley attacked the champ before he could even enter the cage, throwing him against the barricade and beating him with steel steps. Big E entered the cage and demanded the bell be rung, refusing to back down. He came back with fire, but the attack still weighed on Big E throughout the bout, allowing Lashley to get the upper hand quickly.

As the crowd rallied behind their champion, Big E refused to stay down and prevented Lashley from leaving the cage. The two men gave it everything they had, but Big E stopped Lashley at the end of a grueling match by dropping him from the top rope with a Big Ending and pinned him for the three count.

This was a great main event. Lashley was the unstoppable force he has been all year, while Big E was the immovable object that wouldn't die. If it is the end of their feud, it's a good one. But still, it would be awesome if they could keep going now that they both have teams.

Looking To The Future

After the match, Drew McIntyre returned after being absent from Raw for the past couple of weeks and laid out a challenge for the champion, one Big E readily accepted. However, I doubt Drew will beat Big E, especially with the Draft starting this Friday. WWE will likely draft the Scot to Smackdown to feud with Roman Reigns after his angle with Lesnar ends. As for Big E, we'll have to see what happens with the new champ after things have been appropriately shaken.

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