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SMACK TALK 11/12/21

It's Friday night and that means it's time for Smackdown on Fox. It also means it is time for Smack Talk with Dakota Mayes!


Sonya Deville introduced all the women of team SmackDown to start the show, finishing with Sasha, who returned for the first time since Shotzi attacked her two weeks ago. She tried to go after Shotzi, but before anything could happen, Naomi arrived and started brawling with Shayna, and then everyone started brawling. The action turned into a six-woman tag match. Aliyah tagged in and was almost immediately isolated in the heels corner. She almost got caught in a kirifuda clutch from Shayna, but she managed to roll out of it and tag in Naomi, who took out some anger on Shayna. A DDT shut down her momentum on the outside by Natalya, and the heels ganged up on her. The audience was very behind her, though. She tagged Aliyah back in, and she started hammering away on Natalya. Chaos broke out between everyone else on the outside as Natalya put Aliyah into a sharpshooter, but she reversed it into a pin with Naomi’s help and won the match for her team. She was emotional, it being her first official match on the main roster. Sonya later caught up with her as she talked about the victory on the phone and informed her she was no longer on the team. This was possibly in response to Naomi helping her pin Natalya.


Charlotte cut a promo on Becky Lynch and called her a fabricated champion with all her nicknames. She gave her props for all her achievements but said she would lose at Survivor Series and add a new nickname to her list: Becky Uh-oh. Charlotte said not only will she beat Becky, but she can beat everyone who steps between the ropes because all she does is make stars, dubbing herself the star-maker. Toni Storm came out and said that Charlotte doesn’t do anything she said she does and pointed out that Charlotte hasn’t put her title on the line since being drafted and formally challenges her. The Queen refused, however, and left a baffled Toni Storm alone in the ring.


Ali looked to console Aliyah about being removed from the team before being interrupted by Ricochet. He told her not to believe Ali and praised her for her match. He gave her words of encouragement, and they left together as Ali looked on. It seems that Ricochet and Ali may start a program together as this continued their angle that began last week, with Ali acting as something of a negative influencer of sorts.


Sami went into Adam Pearce’s office to demand that Jeff Hardy be removed from team SmackDown after embarrassing himself in front of him. However, Pearce instead made a match between Sami and Jeff, with the loser being kicked off the team.

The match started with a teeing-off that saw Jeff back Sami into a corner. Zayn managed to get him on the ground and take control. Jeff tried to bounce back but ended up crashing into the barricade when he went for a dropkick on the outside. Hardy bounced back and grounded Sami for a two-count. The arena was electric for him as he regained his momentum. He tried for a whisper in the wind, but Zayn turned it into a roll-up with his feet on the ropes. After getting caught, he argued with the official, distracting him. He earned a twist of fate followed by a Swanton from Jeff to retain his spot on the team. Zayn, however, is now off the team.

It’s also worth noting that Pearce was talking with Von Wagner of NXT when Sami came into his office. So it looks like the NXT rookie may have been called up to the main roster after only a few weeks on NXT.


Reigns started with some clubbing blows to the king, who then returned them before tossing Roman out of the ring. He went after Roman to deliver more punishment but received a uranagi on the announce table. Roman had Woods grounded and beat him in the corner until Woods managed to hit a DDT to slow him down. Woods fought back with punches and chops and finally leveled Roman with a heel kick. He followed it up with an elbow drop, but before he could pin Roman, the Usos pulled him out and started beating him with the steps, leading Roman to be disqualified. Roman bent the knee as the Usos placed Woods’s crown on his head.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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