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The 10/29/21 Edition with Dakota Mayes

It's the Friday before Halloween and it's time for Smack Talk with Dakota Mayes. All the news from the Women's Division, the Brock Lesnar suspension, and the Trick or Street Fight with The Usos and The New Day is right here.


Charlotte kicks off the show and gives her usual speech about how she is the most decorated woman in the game and that no one in the arena can do what she does. Sasha comes out and demands a title shot. Surprisingly, Charlotte would rather give someone new an opportunity, but Sasha thinks she is just scared. Out comes Shotzi for the said opportunity, and Charlotte is happy to oblige. We get a title contenders match between the two. Sasha rooted for Shotzi throughout the match, and the crowd even chanted for her. Charlotte had control in the early going and helped to get her cheered. Charlotte got a little too overconfident, and Shotzi was able to capitalize and take her to the limit, but Sasha got on the ropes and caused a distraction, which allowed Charlotte to win. Shotzi was frustrated and took her anger out on Sasha, officially turning heel. She beat the daylights out of the Boss. I don’t have a problem with her turning heel because I’m not too fond of the constant shifting between heel and face that Charlotte and Sasha have been doing in the past couple of years. I also don’t like the Horsewomen being mixed and matched often rather than building other women. I think it would have been best to keep both Sasha and Charlotte heel to get the crowd to root for others. I think an audible should have been called to keep Shotzi a face after the reactions she got. Still, I am excited to see where this development between the three women goes.


Adam Pearce says that he has fined Brock $1 million on top of his suspension. Pearce referred to himself as the heart and soul of the product and seemed to make the segment about him, getting angry when discussing what Brock did to him, which seemed odd. Heyman was watching and was asked about his opinion afterward. He appeared to instinctually hype up Lesnar in talking about Pearce’s foolish decision, but he stopped himself and reiterated that he has not been in contact with Lesnar.


Mustafa Ali answers Drew’s open challenge invitation, and the size differences are evident, and Drew is quick to use them to his advantage. Although Ali is fast and trips him up, the Scot ultimately gets the better of Ali with his strength and taps him out with the kimura lock, which is interesting considering its Brocks move. Ali gets on the mic afterward and complains about the crowd, saying they choose to boo him because his name is “Mustafa Ali.” That sounds like he’s accusing them of being xenophobic. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m not sure if that kind of angle flies today like it did in the early 2000s. It could be something else, but that’s what it sounded like when he said it.


The New Day runs into Hit Row on their way to the ring for Kofi to be knighted by Woods, and they show respect to the king. Perhaps I was wrong about them being heels last week? The New Day makes a spectacle of making Kofi “hand of the king” in an entertaining segment until the Usos come out and let them know things have changed since they were last on the blue brand. They trade insults until Woods challenges them to a trial by combat (a regular tag match). They faced off in the main event, and the Usos dominated much of the match. However, the faces powered back and had the brothers their first tag team defeat in a while. I think it’s safe to assume that the two groups are set to revive their rivalry in the coming weeks. We’ll likely also see the Usos teased plan to make them suffer leading up to Roman Reign’s match with Big E at Survivor Series.


There was no referee for their match, allegedly because of Brock’s rampage last week, so Sonya steps in. Naomi was beating Shayna until Sonya refused to count for her, but she did a quick count for Shayna. After the match, Naomi got in her face, and Sonya walked away as Shayna locked in the Kirifuda clutch. My takeaways for this match are this: Naomi gets up soon after being knocked out (she doesn’t sell enough), and she needs more towards Sonya. She’s been looking passive these past few weeks towards Deville. It makes her look weak.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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