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Smack Talk WWE 11/5/21

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Smackdown on Fox Review with Dakota Mayes

The Head of the Table, Roman Reigns returned to Smackdown this week and our very own WWE expert Dakota Mayes has got all the goings-on from this week's wild episode of Smackdown on Fox!


After taking a vacation last week, the tribal chief returned to SmackDown and isn't happy with the Usos for losing to the New Day. Roman signals out Jimmy for getting pinned and asks what he intended to do about it. The New Day came out and took shots at Roman before issuing a new challenge. If King Woods beats Jimmy, then he must bend the knee to him. Woods had to do the same for Roman if he lost. Roman accepted on behalf of Jimmy.


Shotzi said she lost a lot since debuting. She's lost title shots, her tag partner, and the support of the WWE universe, even though they were very behind her during her match last week, and now she lost the biggest match of her career thanks to Sasha Banks. Shotzi says she's now done losing and sees Sasha as a target and vows to run over her and anyone who gets in her way, and she doesn't need a tank to do it. I'm not opposed to this heel turn, but I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a failed attempt by WWE to remodel an NXT call-up.


It sucks that Cesaro is now being put back into random tag teams. The heels had control in the first half as they wore down Mansoor with double team tactics. The tables turned when Cesaro got the hot tag and ran through both heels with uppercuts. The crowd cheered Cesaro's electric momentum. The heels turned the tables back in their favor to get the pin, though. This match felt insignificant. This was a bit of a fall from grace for Cesaro, who started the year in prominent spots against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It was insignificant to Mansoor as well, who now officially has nothing going on.


Ricochet answered Drew's third open challenge. The highflyer started the match off by slapping the Scotsman, which angered him as he threw Ricochet all over the place. The one and only can really bump well. He started to show some offense and got Drew reeling. He kicked out after a power slam despite being tossed around so much. There was a lot of fire from him, but a misplaced moonsault saw Drew claymore him in midair for the win. Drew gave him praise afterward. Ali was watching and said he has a lot in common with Ricochet, whose actions seemed a bit heelish at the start of the match. Ali tried to talk him into a tag partnership later on, but Ricochet rejected him, citing his partnership with Mansoor, attitude, and whining before leaving. Ali promised he would regret his decision.


Sami stopped Hit Row in the back to give them advice about how to be successful on SmackDown. He said their debit two weeks prior was flat and that they should present themselves better. The trio asked that he give them an example, for which he obliges. They follow him to the stage expecting it to be hilarious. Sami basically rocked out on the stage to his own music like he was at a concert. Hit Row had some rhymes to make fun of Sami and tell him they don't need his help. He leaves, warning them that he won't forget their treatment. I guess I was wrong about them being heels. I thought they were because they seemed vicious in their debut.


Woods has his own entrance music now. It's pretty good. At the start of the bout, Jimmy seemed lost in his head but got in the game by tossing Woods out to take control. Woods started fighting back and hung Jimmy on the ropes. He almost got the pin with an incredibly high leg drop and tries it a second time but gets distracted by Jey to allow Jimmy to recover. He hit a Samoan drop from the top rope, but Woods kicked out. Jimmy went for a splash, but Woods got his feet up to catch him under the chin. Jimmy tried to steal the victory with Jey's help but was caught red-handed. Woods retaliated by pulling his tights for a roll-up win. A humiliated Jimmy was about to kneel before Woods before Roman saved the family's embarrassment by having the Bloodline jump both New Day members. Woods fights back against Roman, but the numbers are not in his favor as he gets a spear and is forced to watch as the Usos damage both of Kofi's knees. This, to me, was a fulfillment of the Usos threat to hurt Woods and Kofi that they made to Big E some weeks back on Raw. The WWE Champion will likely respond on Monday.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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