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Smackdown Highlights This Week

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Smack Talk With Dakota Mayes: 10/8/21

It's time for your weekly recap of the Friday night version of WWE. Yes you got it right - it's time for 'Smack Talk' with Dakota Mayes


The show starts with the contract signing for the SmackDown Women's Championship match at Crown Jewel, and all women involved were as far away from each other as possible, with Belair the only one in the ring. Everyone had smack talk, but things got heated quickly as Bianca challenged the other two to get in the ring and fight her. Becky was about to oblige, but Sasha got to Bianca first. Then, a brawl broke out that ended with Bianca putting both women through a table.


This was the first match in the King of the Ring tournament. Dominic told Rey he wouldn't be there at ringside, much to Rey's shock and disappointment. The older Mysterio started quickly and surprised Sami with his experience but was eventually halted.

Dominic came out, although hesitatively, and caught Sami removing the turnbuckle. He tried to put it back but caused a distraction, allowing Sami to win. There's some severe dysfunction in the Mysterio family. I know Rey has stated he doesn't want to feud with his son, but I'm beginning to wonder if that's where this is going regardless. Then again, they may end up splitting amicably like Booker T and Goldust almost two decades ago.


The first match in the Queens Crown Tournament. Toni Storm finally got some proper booking. She's been featured so little that I forgot what her theme music sounded like. The match was short, but it was a good highlight of both women's abilities, with Zelena winning. She would make a good queen; she already dresses like an Aztec goddess.

I just hope the prize for this tournament won't just be a crummy queen gimmick. That goes for both tournaments. That's all these things ever end in now.


Roman commended Heyman for getting the Usos drafted to SmackDown and proclaimed their love for the wise man. Roman then told him to come clean about his part in Lesnar's free agency status. Heyman stuttered through an explanation, saying he isn't stupid enough to betray Roman after everything they've built together before Roman cut him off and had him say it to Brock.

Heyman reminds the Beast about how his wisdom once predicted the fall of the Undertaker's streak and proclaimed Roman would beat Brock at Crown Jewel. Seemingly satisfied, the Bloodline left with Heyman in tow. Another great segment in a great storyline.


Naomi complained about her not being in the Queens Crown Tournament despite her accolades. Sonya said she wasn't worthy of it. Naomi then asked to be sent back to Raw but was denied by Sonya because she had a match next week against her, finally granting her request. It's nice that they're continuing the story between the two, but I was hoping Naomi would continue to show the attitude she showed Sonya when she got in her face a couple of weeks ago.


I guess they aren't going to address what happened to Finn at Extreme Rules. This is the second tournament match for the men. There was some great athleticism and technical prowess to start, along with some brutishness from both men, so you could tell they both wanted the crown. Finn got the win after an entertaining bout.

It was nice we got this match before Finn had to go to Raw permanently. He's a real contender for the crown. I hope there's going to be something for Cesaro down the road. There was a lot of momentum for him at the start of the year, more than we've seen in years, but I can't help but feel they've given up on him.


After antagonizing Edge throughout the night, Rollins made his way to the ring for Edge's response to his challenge. This man is a great heel and took no responsibility for his actions last week. He called out the Rated-R superstar by offering any match he wanted.

When he doesn't show, Seth continued antagonizing him by bringing up his family, mentioning Edges daughters and the man he used to be until Edge finally arrives ready to kill. He hit Rollins with a spear before throwing the Visionary around a bit until Rollins ran away. Edge got on the mic and gave a grave answer that made Rollins reconsider his life choices. "You, Me, Hell in a Cell!"

This is the best way to end this rivalry and see the malicious Edge of old. Goldberg can take note of Edge's malice at the threat to his loved ones as the Rated-R Superstars rage was far more believable.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at Want to get up to date with all things wrestling?

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