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SMACK TALK 11/19/21

Roman Reigns Coronated Then Run Outta The Ring

It's Friday. It's Smackdown and Fox. And The Pyrrhic wrestling expert Dakota Mayes has all the Smack Talk you need from the November 19th edition of WWE Smackdown.


The Usos and Paul Heyman started the show with a coronation ceremony in honor of Roman Reigns for taking King Woods's crown last week. Unfortunately, the Tribal Chief had no patience for their theatrics and proclaimed that he took Woods's crown because he could. Speak of the devil, Woods emerged and wanted to continue his business with Roman from last week. Rather than accept the challenge, Roman goaded Woods into the ring by destroying his kingly property. He tried to hold out, but he ran in before Roman could break his crown. The Usos were quick to stop him and held him down, and forced him to watch as Roman destroyed his crown. Despite the beating and abuse he took, Woods was adamant that he would fight Roman at the end of the night.


Cesaro was temporarily lost in the nostalgia of sharing the ring with his former Bar teammate again, but Seamus quickly reminded him of who he was dealing with. Jinder tried to find an ally in Seamus against the other two, but he promptly got on the Celtic warrior's bad side by trying to roll him up. Ricochet showed a lot of charisma and looked great in this match. If he can show this charisma in all of his matches, he may be more entertaining. Sometimes charisma can be a big difference-maker when it comes to being a star. Cesaro put Jinder and a sharpshooter and had it locked in for an extended time until Ricochet broke the hold. The match's final minutes saw a face-off between the two former tag champions, with Cesaro coming close to victory. Unfortunately, Ridge Holland ran to the ring and caused a distraction, giving Seamus the chance to hit his patented brogue kick to earn his spot on Team SmackDown.


Shotzi brought great aggression but too much anger as she seemed primed to boil over to her detriment in this match. The Boss wasn't backing down either as she brought the fight to her green-haired adversary as only she could. Shotzi would make an advantage for herself when she trapped Sasha's arm in the steel steps and repeatedly kicked it, leaving the former Women's Champion fighting with one arm for the second half of the match. She put up a great fight, though, and wouldn't let the temporary disability be the end of her. After grounding Shotzi, Sasha put an alternate form of the bank statement on her, using her leg in place of her injured arm, causing Shotzi to tap out immediately. As per Sonya Deville's instructions, the two women shook hands to retain their spots on team SmackDown at Survivor Series after the match. Much to the manager's frustration, however, the Boss hit a backstabber on Shotzi immediately afterward. This was a great match and another excellent showing for Shotzi. I'm still indifferent to her heel personality, but she still has time to find herself in the character.


Xavier followed through on his word from earlier in the night to call out Roman to face him without the Usos. You might have known something was off as Woods walked to the ring with confidence compared to the start of the night when he was angry and embarrassed. He challenged Roman's manhood and vowed to show him what a real king was. Roman came out looking ready for a fight, but rather than entering the ring, he called for the Usos to attack Woods. When his cousins did not emerge, it became clear to him that he was set up. Out came the WWE Champion Big E to fight Roman. The two teed off on one another. Big E threw Roman into the ring, and he and Woods ganged upon him. The Usos managed to regroup and entered the fray but were quickly dispatched by the New Day duo. Roman came back with a superman punch and was looking to hit his spear, but Big E reversed it and almost hit a big ending on the tribal chief before he evaded the onslaught. We now head into Survivor Series. These past four weeks have seen great segments with Roman and the New Day. I wish both Raw and SmackDown could have had more build to the event. Nevertheless, any segment with Roman delivers, and I am now more excited than ever to see this clash of champions.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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