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Highlights of The Night with Dakota Mayes

It's Thanksgiving week and that means only one thing to the fans in the WWE Universe. Survivor Series. Our WWE expert Dakota Mayes has trimmed the filler and reviewed the killer in this special Survivor Series 2021 edition of Highlights of the Night.


The beef was authentic. As expected, the match started in an intense brawl that more than likely had plenty of real shots thrown. Charlotte went for a moonsault early but was pushed off the top turnbuckle and into the barricade. She made it back into the ring for a slap fest with her rival. Becky tried to get her Disarm-her submission on, but the Queen countered it with a powerbomb. Becky got back up and unloaded on Charlotte in the corner until getting hit with her own Bexploder, followed by another beating on the mat. She took a nasty elbow to the face, but The Man rebounded with a reverse layout DDT and unloaded on Charlotte before hitting a Manhandle Slam, but only got a two count. Next, she locked Charlottes own Figure-four on her, and the two slapped it out once more while in the hold but were forced to break it once the rope was grabbed. Charlotte tried to roll Becky up by grabbing the ropes but was caught by the referee. Becky then reversed it into her own pin and secured the victory by using Charlotte's holding the rope. This was such an intense match. The crowd was electric as these two women tried to kill each other. There were moments throughout the match where you see both of their faces. Despite their rage, they both looked genuinely sad that this was what their friendship had come to. After the bout, Becky did an emotional interview and lamented their lost bond, heartbroken that their once sisterly bond devolved into hatred.


Kevin Owens started the match for his team but walked out as soon as the bell rang, becoming Raw's first elimination. The Blue team then took turns tagging into abuse Austin Theory, with Seamus delivering a very audible chop. Surprisingly, SmackDown had great teamwork, stumping the red team who struggled to get in the game. After they punished Balor for a while, he managed to outmaneuver Corbin and hit the Coup de Grace to give SmackDown their first elimination. The next elimination was Woods as he was about to hit his elbow drop on Theory but failed to see Lashley tag in and was KO'd with the Hurt Lock. After getting attacked by Lashley earlier in the match, McIntyre tagged in. He started brawling to the outside with his old foe until both got counted out. Next, Finn and Seamus took over for the two. Finn tripped up his fellow Irishman and almost hit his finisher, but earned a Brogue Kick and elimination instead, tying the score back up at 2-2. Seamus and Hardy showed greater teamwork as they aided each other in their signature moves, but team Raw rebounded, and Theory eliminated Seamus with a roll-up pin. A frustrated Celtic Warrior then took his rage out on Hardy with a clothesline before leaving. Hardy was able to eliminate Theory, but after some back and forth with Rollins, the bout ended with Rollins evading a Swanton and hitting a curb stomp for the win.


The heels had the upper hand on the Raw tag champs to start. Riddle was in for his team for most of the bout as the more experienced tag team kept him grounded and away from Randy. He tried to get to his corner, but Randy ended up with a double superkick and sent out. Jimmy seemed confused about who the legal man was and went up top for a splash onto Riddle, only for an RKO out of nowhere to catch him in midair. The match ended with another victory for Raw.


The match started with Big E powering Roman into the corner and chasing him out of the ring. When he got back in, he got worked over onto the apron for Big E to do his splash, but Roman moved in time, causing Big E to hurt his knee. Roman struggled to put Big E away and began to get frustrated. He missed a Superman Punch but hit a Rock Bottom. He then hit 3 Superman Punches but ended up getting Speared to the floor when he couldn't keep the big man down. He hit a Spear of his own once back in the ring but only got a two count. Next, he tried his guillotine submission hold, but the WWE Champion countered it into a Big Ending. Unfortunately, Roman grabbed the rope to avoid being pinned. The match seemed to end very suddenly as he attacked Big E's injured knee and hit another Spear to win the match.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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