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Top 10 Craziest Trick Shots in Badminton

A How-To On The Wildest Shots WIth a Shuttlecock

In Badminton, players perform trick shots to confuse their opponent and enable the player to help them score. Executed correctly, these trick shots can be used to win a rally.

Many professional and elite badminton players like Lin Dan and Tai Tzu Ying have used these trick shots for years, inspiring many other players to learn these shots. But understanding these trick shots is not easy; you require experience and a lot of practice.

Top 10 Trick Shots

Fake Smash

Fake smash is one of the best options to confuse and mislead your opponent. Single badminton players usually perform this trick shot.

To perform this shot, you pretend to clear the shuttle with a jump smash, which will make your opponent assume that you will complete a straight smash, but you end up with the shuttle landing on the other side of the court, which will help you score a point.

To perform this deceptive shot, you need to hold your racket with the help of your forehand grip and take your attacking stance.

As a result, your opponent will wait for the shuttle to come as a smash, but a drop will come as a surprise. Either your opponent will reach the shuttle late or sometimes might not be able to return it.

Net Surprise

Net surprise is one of the standard trick shots used by singles badminton players, which is also quite confusing and tricky.

To perform this shot, you require a lot of concentration power and a fantastic sense of assuming things, which makes the image more compelling.

While performing a net surprise, you pretend like you are going to hit the shuttle high and let your opponent expect a lift or a push from you, but in the end, you finish up with a straight net drop.

And to play this shot, you need to move slightly forward and miss the shuttle but accidentally cover it before it lands on the surface.

As a result, it will confuse your opponent, and they won't be able to reach the shuttle in time.

Peter Gade Signature Shot

This deceptive trick shot is the signature of a badminton legend, Peter Gade. It is played when your opponent performs a backhand net shot at you.

While performing this trick shot, you must pretend to be ready to play a backhand net shot to confuse your opponent, but instead, you end up landing the shuttle near the net in a crosscourt direction, with the racket head pointing downwards.

But remember that your response should be quick and must be performed before the shuttle touches the court.

Lin Dan Baseline Trick Shot

This trick shot is inspired by a world-famous Chinese badminton player, Lin Dan, and while performing this, you have to move towards the backcourt, rotate your forehand and body and try to hit the shuttle before it touches the ground.

Also, remember that your back should be facing the net while hitting the shuttle. It will help if you bend your wrist so the shuttle can move crosscourt and indulge a bit of power while hitting the shuttle so it can travel over the net and land on the opponent's court.

This trick shot will make your opponent assume and feel that you won't be able to hit the shuttle and could not find where the shuttle will land.

Hit Crosscourt Through the Legs

This trick shot is quite similar to the standard net shot, but the only difference is that you perform a lunge and hit the shuttle from between the legs.

To perform this trick shot, you require a lot of concentration power, and all you need to do is look up and focus on the shuttlecock, widen your legs when the shuttle is about to fall, and then move your racket from high to low and try to keep the shuttle close. Then hit the shuttle from the gap between your legs.

As a result, your opponent must expect a net drop from you, but instead, you hit the shuttlecock crosscourt.

Reverse Slice Backhand

This trick shot is performed from the left or right side of the backcourt, and while performing this shot, you must keep your elbow away from your body, face towards the ceiling, and the backside of your hand must be facing towards your face and hit the shuttle to the inner side. Hold it for a moment by rotating the racket all the way. Keep rotating the racket like the backhand drop.

It will trick your opponent and make him think that you’re going to perform a cross-court drop shot, but instead, you surprise him by hitting the shuttle straight.

360 Degrees Forehand Lift

It is one of the funniest trick shots as compared to the others. In this trick shot, you must focus on your upper body rather than the lower one.

To perform this trick, you must place your left leg behind and your right leg forward, turn back towards the net, slightly spin your body around while moving, place your right foot to the side and point it backwards.

After this, wait for the shuttle and try to time the racket movement with the shuttle. When the shuttle comes closer, hit it precisely.

And remember that if you have long hair, tie them up and avoid them from coming in the face while hitting the shuttle, or you can face severe injuries.

Magical Spin Serve

Magical spin is one of players' most commonly used trick shots.

It is a forehand serve trick shot, where you hit the shuttle on the side with a downward curved swing. It will spin the shuttle, making it difficult to return to your opponent.

Fake Backhand Clear

Fake backhand clear is very popular among professional badminton players and is quite hard to master for beginners and intermediates.

To perform a fake backhand clear, you must pretend to miss the shuttle and make your opponent believe you will play a backhand clear. But you hit the shuttle suddenly before letting it touch the ground.

Forehand Crazy Cross

This trick shot is usually performed when you receive the shuttle at the forehand net corner of the court.

To perform this trick, you must start with a regular forehand grip and position while returning, then immediately rotate the forearm outwards so it can bend adequately. Then hit the shuttle from the outside, so it crosses the net on the other side of the court.

This shot will come as a surprise to your opponent.

There are some of the top 10 craziest badminton trick shots, which the players perform to trick their opponent and win a rally.

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