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Top 10 Songs From Bread, The 70's Band

Bread was an American soft-rock band, at the height of their popularity from 1970-1977. Originally from Los Angeles, the band saw 13 hits hit the Top 100s Chart.

With their soft, mellow rock sensibility, they were particularly known for their love songs. That's not, of course, all that they did - but Bread and love songs go hand in hand in most people's memory.

For our latest top 10, we're covering the best Bread songs and top hits. Check out our song list of the rock band Bread's greatest hits.

10. Sweet Surrender

From their fifth album, Guitar Man, "Sweet Surrender" was the last song that hit number 1 on the Easy Listening Charts. It also reached number 15 on the Top 100s, remaining on the chart for two weeks.

9. The Guitar Man

"The Guitar Man" was Bread's third number one hit on the Easy Listening Charts, after "If" and "Baby I'm-A Want You."

It has been covered a number of times, including versions by the band Cake, Hank Marvin, and most recently, The Wild Feathers.

The song blends their more traditional instruments, such as acoustic guitar, with an electric guitar providing a "wah-wah" effect. It deviates a bit from their classic sound, but still performed well with fans.

8. Diary

"Diary" came from the album Baby I'm-A Want You. This was Bread's best-selling album and contained a series of hit singles.

"Diary" reached number 15 on the Top 100s, charting for 11 weeks. "Diary" also made it to the third position on the Easy Listening charts. In addition, Billboard placed it as number 50 in their 1972 year-end review of easy listening singles released that year.

It's a bit strange as a misplaced love song. In the beginning, it's implied that the singer is reading his wife's diary. Because of the way she writes about her "true love," he is reassured that she truly does care for him, even if she's not great at showing her feelings.

Instead, by the end of the tale, he realizes a devastating fact. She's not great at showing her feelings because, surprise, the true love she writes about isn't him at all. Ouch.

7. It Don't Matter To Me

"It Don't Matter To Me" was one of Bread's early hits, released September 1970. It was first included on their 1969 debut LP. However, the version released in 1970 was a different one than their original 1969 cut.

It was their second song to chart, only after "Make It With You." The song reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100s.

6. Lost Without Your Love

"Lost Without Your Love" was the band's final Top 10 hit. It was released in 1976, and also the title track of Bread's final album.

The song was something of a comeback hit, as the band had been absent from the charts for nearly 4 years at the time. During this period, Gates had started his solo career.

The song lasted 16 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100. This was the band's second-longest charting single, only next to "Make It With You." It ended up peaking at number 9. It also hit number 3 on the Easy Listening charts.

5. If

"If" lasted for 3 weeks as number 1 on the Easy Listening Charts in 1971. It's a classic wedding song, often selected for the first dance. In fact, a lot of Bread's best hits could pass as wedding songs.

4. Aubrey

"Aubrey" was inspired by the similarly named Audrey Hepburn. Lead singer David Gates wrote the song after watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of Hepburn's most notable roles. In turn, actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza would later be named after the song.

"Aubrey" hit number 15 in the US, and remained on the Top 100's chart for 11 weeks.

3. Baby I'm-A Want You

"Baby I'm-A Want You" is both a single and the name of Bread's fourth album. It was a defining album for the band, with a series of charting singles. This track reached number 3 on the Top 100s Chart.

Four songs in all from this album charted. Impressive considering that's out of 16 total singles released by Bread ever. Others include "Everything I Own," "Diary" (both mentioned elsewhere on this song list), and "Mother Freedom."

2. Make It With You

One of the best Bread songs of all time, it was one of their early hits, and their first top 10 hit. It was also one of their biggest. Even after several more albums, this was the only one that Bread ever saw hit number one.

1. Everything I Own

"Everything I Own" is often incorrectly interpreted as a song about a failed relationship. However, songwriter and lead singer Gates actually wrote the song in memory of his father. Gates's father passed in 1963, too early to see his son's musical dreams reach commercial success.

The song reached number 5 in the US. It isn't their biggest success - "Make It With You" ranked higher and did better commercially. In addition, "Make It With You" and "Baby I'm-A Want You" are their only two singles to go gold.

So why do I give it the number one spot? Arguably, I think this is the song that best stands the test of time. Yes, in the 70s, more people bought other songs. But I think if you played this list for a millennial today, this is the song even they might recognize.

It's been covered by too many people to count, including a ska version by Vanessa Hudgens in the movie Bandslam. It also appeared in the Happy Feet soundtrack, performed by Chrissy Hynde. 50 years later, this is the hit that has actually been Bread's biggest success - it just was something of a slow simmer.

Jamie Dixon is a contributing writer here at The Pyrrhic. She's a content writer by profession, but this is more fun. She's also working on her first novel in her spare time.

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