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Top 5 IRL Things Straight Outta Sci-Fi

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

From Elon Musk To Emerald Tablets...

If you enjoy the feeling of your mind being bent like the letter “E”, then being surgically reshaped to become the letter “S” - then this is the list for you!

They say that fact is stranger than fiction and here are the top five things to prove it.

5. Neuralink

Just another hare-brained scheme from billionaire and real-life Tony Stark... Nothing to see here.

Musk has grand ambitions and certainly not the least of those is Neuralink.

With the growing concerns around AI and what the singularity could mean for mankind, the ever-ambitious Musk has decided what we puny humans will need to keep up.


You ask…?

Simple - Surgically implant a super-advanced computer chip into your brain, so you can download and upload data... duh!

4. Active Denial System

Also known as “Long Range Acoustic Device” (LRAD), this military-developed weapon is primarily used for crowd control… or so they say.

Engaged in times where crowd control is warranted, the LRAD emits a loud high-pitched sound that can suppress masses of people with ease.

Conspiracy theorists believe that there are much more sinister versions of the weapon in black budget projects.

And with current day knowledge of the interesting effects that abrupt and severe vibrational changes in our environment can have on a person, perhaps the cooky theorists have finally got one right this time.

Thinking emojis.

3. Oculus Rift

OK, I’m drawing a long bow here, but c’mon. VR is majorly cool.

If we can take a moment and recall the 1993 classic sci-fi film “Demolition Man,” one might remember the awkward sex scene between Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock.

Continuing to draw that bow even further - Oculus Rift porn is the modern-day alternative to the Demolition Man sex scene.

I’ll just leave that one there, shall I?

2. The Book Of Enoch

In 1948, The Book of Enoch was found inside an ancient clay vase. Discovered in a cave in the national park of Qumran, located some 60 kilometers east of Jerusalem.

It is considered to be missing scripture from the original Bible text to many scholars and, even more mysteriously, believed to be unequivocal evidence of alien interaction with humanity to the ancient astronaut theorists.

References of Enoch and the content of these writings can be found in other scripture too, though it largely remains unaccepted as “scripture,” per se, in the western world.

1. The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth

The emerald tablets of Thoth are said to contain the secrets to alchemical wonders. How to create mystical products that hold magical properties. And how to do this with a set of not-so-mystical ingredients.

Most notably - The Philosopher’s Stone. That’s right, kids! Grab your broomsticks and shout “EXPELLIARMUS!”, because this is straight from the shelves of Dumbledore, himself!

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