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Uncharted Movie Trailer And Details

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Traveling The Well Worn Path Of Uncharted

What Is Uncharted?

Uncharted is a vastly successful video game franchise that has brought in over $250 million in profits. The series revolves around Nathan Drake, an adventurer, explorer, and thief, and his partner Victor Sullivan. They travel the world looking for lost treasures in an Indiana Jones-type romp. Produced by Naughty Dog (a Sony company previously best known for Crash Bandicoot) this series is known for exploring different locations, cinematic storytelling, and epic set pieces.

A film adaptation for this series has been in the works since 2009 when it was announced by Columbia Pictures. It has been through many iterations since then. Fans of the series truly love the characters and stories found in the games and many gamers have grown up with those characters.

On October 21, 2021, Columbia Pictures and Sony released a trailer for the film adaptation of this beloved game.

Who Plays Nathan And Sully In Uncharted Movie?

The movie Uncharted stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and Victor “Sully” Sullivan respectively. Sophia Ali is Chloe Frazer, another character from the games. One character that is glaringly missing from the trailer is Drake’s love interest, Elena Fisher.

Mark Wahlberg was initially cast as Drake, but as production dragged on, roles changed. While not a bad casting, fans just were not excited about the casting. In 2018, a fan film was made for Uncharted starring Nathan Fillion as Drake.

Fans lost their collective minds. Fillion was what fans wanted. But the studio did not listen. Fillion is a great actor but does not have the ability to draw a greater audience like Tom Holland does. Holland as Drake has a better chance to get new audiences into the franchise instead of Fillion.

Are Fans Good At Casting?

This brings to mind Deadpool. When the screen test for Deadpool was leaked in July of 2014, fans called for Ryan Renolds to be Deadpool. The fans got what they wanted and the movie did great financially, making over $783 million dollars at the box office.

Does this mean that Uncharted won’t do as well since fans did not get what they wanted? Only time will tell.

The Good And The Bad

There is a myriad of things going on with this trailer, not all of it good. The trailer at first highlights the relationship between Drake and Sully. It generally does a good job, including their witty back and forth banter that prevails in the games. The trailer is full of fighting, tons of action, and witty jibes, but in a way, it feels like any generic action movie.

Nothing screams Uncharted in the way the games do. Sure, they include scenes ripped directly from the game, but all that does is invite direct comparison instead of creating a new sense of awe and adventure with something new. Fans are always going to remember the time they played as Drake falling out of the cargo plane more than watching Tom Holland.

Based on the trailers, this movie suffers from the problem most modern films suffer from. It is too clean. The film feels like it was shot on a green screen or a set, not on location like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. This makes the film seem sterile and static. It does not engage with the environment in a way that was so integral to the success of the game franchise.

Like the latest Star Wars movies or so many reboots, this film relies heavily on the nostalgia of fans in order to make money. Beloved characters and recreated game scenes are going to litter this film with little chance of any real innovation occurring. This film is going to be jammed packed full of familiarities from the games: The airplane scene from Uncharted 3, the lost pirate ship, or mentions of Sam Drake from Uncharted 4, or even Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2.

This film promises to be a fun and exciting adventure that just so happens to be called Uncharted. Fans of the series will see a lot that they recognized put into a formula that is more palatable for nongamers to absorb. The heists will be high-flying, the stunts will be death-defying, but there will not be any dust in those tombs because they were built yesterday and all those history books are fresh from the presses. Uncharted means something - not on any map, something not discovered. Unfortunately, this is a well-traveled path.

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