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WWE Cancels Upcoming Canada Tour

It was revealed today via Dave Meltzer that WWE has canceled their Canada tour that was set for January 2022.

WWE was set for a set of shows starting on Friday, January 21, for an episode of SmackDown in Winnipeg and follow it up with two house shows on Saturday and Sunday in Regina and Saskatoon before ending the loop on Monday, January 24 in Edmonton for a Raw episode. Ticket sales for the shows have been good, but the shows have been pulled and replaced with events set in the United States.

The planned Winnipeg episode of SmackDown is now scheduled to happen in Nashville, Tennessee, followed by two-weekend shows in Corbin, Kentucky, and Huntington, West Virginia. In addition, the planned episode of Raw will now take place in Toledo, Ohio. WWE has not yet addressed the changes in their touring schedule, but it is expected to be announced soon.

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