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WWE Draft 2021: Night 2

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

With the passing of night 2, the landscape has been changed. Here are the highlights for the final picks in the 2021 WWE Draft.

becky lynch


Not a surprising decision considering Charlotte was drafted to SmackDown. Both brands now have a champion once again. It remains to be seen if they will switch titles, though, as Becky seems to have set her sights on both championships after the Queen made her presence felt on Friday.

I'm beginning to wonder if they're going to insert Charlotte into the championship match at Crown Jewel, potentially for title unification. Maybe we'll know by Friday? I would personally be all for it.

The women's tag titles float between both shows, and there aren't a lot of women on the main roster in general. This would be a good chance to feature the Four Horsewomen in programs unrelated to the title picture so they can help build more stars and not be the ones holding the gold all the time.

The Usos


Much to the glee of Heyman and the Usos, the tag champs are staying with Roman. As they were leaving Raw, the three were stopped for an interview. Heyman declared himself the Warden of the Uso penitentiary for successfully keeping them on SmackDown, but the mood quickly changed when his keeping Lesnar a free agent came up. The champs hatefully stared down Heyman before leaving him alone.

seth rollins


The self-proclaimed Drip God is all smiles for his drafting. When asked about his feud with Edge, Rollins declined to comment, stating he will handle that business on SmackDown.

This suggests that the rivalry will officially end after Crown Jewel and remain on the blue brand. A new chapter will start for the two stars in two weeks. While I'm still guessing that Lashley is not done with Big E, I'm betting Rollins will be first in line for a championship match if I'm wrong.



With the Celtic warrior no longer butting heads with Damien Priest, I imagine he'll start feuding for the Intercontinental Championship. He will likely first take part in the King of the Ring Tournament. Aside from these, the possibilities are endless. Who's to say we won't see the reformation of the Bar with Cesaro?

shayna baszler


It looks like the Queen of Spades will most likely face Doudrop next week on Raw, maybe feud for the remainder of Shayna's time on the red brand. From there, she could continue her arm-breaking ways on SmackDown before landing in a program with top talent. My guess would be Liv Morgan, who has seen an increase in momentum in recent weeks.

kevin owens


Returning to the brand where he saw championship glory, Kevin Owens could see new life breathed into his character after the loss to Happy Corbin on SmackDown. The two may very well continue their rivalry in the coming weeks, but beyond that, we might see a heel turn from Owens. With news circulating that his contract may be coming up soon, WWE may try and reignite his character to motivate him to re-sign with the company.

finn balor


There was a great video package on Raw that stated both Finn and the Demon are moving. I'm still wondering if there will still be a response to his controversial loss at Extreme Rules. WWE may not plan on addressing it, believing it was a good way to keep both the Demon and Reigns strong. Nonetheless, there are many great new opportunities for Finn as WWE still sees him as a top star. Balor-Styles 2, anyone?

gable stevenson


In perhaps the most surprising move in the entire draft, the Olympic gold medalist will make his official debut on the red brand, much like Kurt Angle did over two decades ago. I would have thought he would go through NXT first, but WWE brass seems to believe he is now ready for the main stage. Let's hope he is. Attempts to have stars work out kinks in live TV have been 50/50 at most in the past.

ridge holland


The big brit hasn't been back from an injury long, but he will also be moving to the main roster. Holland stands out from all other performers on NXT and has a unique look to him. He fits the mold of large men Vince McMahon rebranded the yellow show for. We'll see tonight if he'll still be featured on NXT 2.0 in the coming weeks to wrap up any business. There's a lot of potential in this star. Let's hope the brass uses it well.

Dakota Mayes is our resident WWE expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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