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WWE Raw: Monday Night Raw Results 10/25/21

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Raw Takes with Dakota Mayes

It's time for Raw Takes with Dakota Mayes this week. And boy oh boy there is plenty to review on this week's Monday Night Raw Review. From a coronation to a ladder match and everything in between - we have it all covered right here. Find out what you missed in this episode review of Monday Night Raw.


It's Alpha Academy vs. the Street Profits vs. the Dirty Dogs for a championship match later on. Otis looked like a beast in what little action he saw. Ford's natural charisma is almost show-stealing at times as he brought his brand of unique athleticism until Omos came out and took out the Profits, allowing the Dirty Dogs to win. The match mostly showed off the Dogs and the Profits.

The Alpha Academy didn't get as much chance to shine in this match, and I question whether the right team won. We haven't seen the Academy for a few weeks, and this would have been an excellent chance to bring them back into the limelight as Ziggler and Roode have already been featured in the past couple of weeks against Big E and Drew. Also, seeing as Omos went for the Profits, it looks like the Sultans of Swag will be facing off against AJ Styles and Omos in the coming weeks. This doesn't sound like a bad program for the two groups.

The victors had their match later on, and you wouldn't have even thought they had already been in action. It was an ok bout that saw the champions retain. It seems the question is still open as to what RK-Bro is going to be doing going forward.


Vega was speaking in a fake British accent for much of this segment. After gripping about her introduction, she goes on about how she stands above the rest and about the kind of queen she will be until Doudrop comes out for their match. It wasn’t a bad promo.

I was worried going into this segment that they wouldn’t take it as seriously as they did Woods’s coronation, but they handled it well, and I thought Zelina got a good crowd reaction for her developing heel persona.

The match was quick, so that was disappointing. I was hoping they would start giving the women more time now that they are past the tournament. I liked how she used the queen’s scepter as a weapon to finish the match, though. It might not be a bad idea for her to do this in her matches like Finley once did with his shillelagh.


Bianca cut Becky off during a promo, and the two verbally laid into each other. The Est doesn’t think Becky would be anything without the title and said she is hurt that everyone couldn’t just be happy with her coming back and kept cheering Bianca over her. Becky wants Bianca to get to the back of the line because she lost at Crown Jewel and has yet to beat her.

The two soon start brawling, which sees Becky introducing a kendo stick, but Bianca beats her with it to chase her off. Becky accepts her challenge for a match to see who is the best. The two will have their match next week on Raw for the Raw Women’s Championship.


Damien Priest has new music and entrance graphics that show him as half-saint, half-devil. He also didn’t make the archer motion and seems to be the Archer of Infamy no longer. This appears to be more of WWE’s needlessly altering stars to get them away from their NXT characters. I know it’s been a while since he’s been in NXT, but I can’t help but feel that that’s what this is because it’s a random repackaging/character shift with no build or explanation.

It’s like they expect the fans to accept it suddenly, even when it’s out of the blue. Graves built him as having a constant internal struggle between good and evil, being at his most dangerous when he taps into the evil. This has obviously never been the case with Priest at all. T-Bar got himself disqualified after throwing a desk chair at the US Champion, which caused his evil side to emerge and brutally maul T-Bar.


Everyone wants to gang’s up on Rollins to start before breaking off to fight each other. They quickly introduce ladders, and we see both Balor and Owens get slammed onto one with Rollins’s help. The Visionary then pummels his three opponents with the ladder before getting crushed under the ladder by Owens. Balor almost gets the contract before KO stops him.

Owens introduces a table to the mix, and Mysterio goes through it when he tries to hit a huricanrana that gets converted into a powerbomb. KO almost gets the contract until Rollins stops him, who tosses him out of the ring through a ladder. He then stops Balor with a curb stomp, clearing the way to take the contract to win the match.

Come back next week for a new Monday Night Raw review!

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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