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WWE Monday Night Raw Review: October 18

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

RAW Takes for 10/18/21 Episode

With Crown Jewel just around the corner, things are heating up and Monday Night Raw just raised the temperature. Here's a look at this week's Raw Takes.


Jinder had a clear size advantage, but Woods fought like a man a foot taller. Watching him fight alone made me think he should have been a singles star long ago. He was all fight and held his own against the former world champion. Part of me thought Jinder would win, as I got the impression a few weeks ago that WWE was planning to rebuild him as a top-tier talent, but I was happy when Woods got the victory. He will now face Finn Balor in the finals at Crown Jewel.

It was an ok match, not as good as other matches in the tournament, but Woods shined. As for the women's semifinals match, Doudrop got the win in a little over two minutes. Surprise, surprise. At least Shayna lost in a way that didn't make her look weak.


Jeff looked to avenge his dirty loss from last week. He was almost able to get a quick finish when Theory's mocking left him open. Hardy got dropped on his back to the floor from the apron and looked winded but rebounded quickly. He went up for the Swanton, but Theory caused him to fall before capitalizing with his own finisher for the win.

He took another selfie, but when his back was turned, Jeff hit a Twist of Fate before taking a selfie of his own with Theory's phone. This was a better match than last week, and it was nice for Jeff to get some measure of payback at the end for his final Raw match.


There was some tension between E and Drew, but they buried the hatchet before their match. The faces took control for the early part until E was thrown into the steps. Big E almost got a tag to Drew, but Roode distracted the ref so he wouldn't see it, a smart move.

Big E slowed Ziggler down to get the hot tag. Ziggler got the tag as well, but the Scottish Terminator ran through the heels, and Alabama slammed Ziggler onto Roode. E offered his hand for the tag and Drew reluctantly made it for the Champ to drop the Big Ending for the win. The faces then had a tense moment that ended in a handshake.


After getting a win over Cedric Alexander, Ali came out with a mic and criticized Mansoor for smiling like a fanboy and promised to win in Mansoor's home country at Crown Jewel. In a surprising show of anger, Mansoor told him to shut up and that the next time he smiles would be when he beats Ali at Crown Jewel. He then said something in his native tongue.

Ali was taken aback by the attitude and looked shaken by the intensity of his former partner. I liked the intensity from Mansoor, it's a significant shift as he is always smiling, but he seems to know when it's time to get serious. I don't want to assume there's more depth in Ali's reaction, but he seems to be wondering if he underestimated his opponent. I'd like them to try and reconcile after the pay-per-view with Ali having learned a valuable lesson, but that probably won't happen.


Goldberg was as cool as a cucumber when he reiterated; he will kill Lashley. He said it as if it's a certainty, and it's only a matter of time. The Almighty said he could have Goldberg arrested for such threats but opts to win instead and proclaimed their match will end the same way as the last.

This time, he said that Goldberg wouldn't have his family to save him and bring up his son, but Goldberg said he would make him suffer more depending on what he said next. Bobby was unintimidated and promised to make him beg the Almighty for forgiveness.


This match was for the Raw Women's championship. This was a great match up until the end. Charlotte underestimated Bianca the whole night in the buildup to this bout but found out how wrong she was. Yet again, WWE used their most basic tactic of a DQ finish to continue a program.

The match was built throughout the night to make you think the title would really change hands, and the match itself ran like there would be a decisive victor. Bianca taking the title would have made sense as she will still be on Raw next week. DQ decisions like this make fans prefer AEW because they don't resort to predictable formulas to keep their stories going.

Dakota Mayes is our resident wrestling expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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