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WWE NXT 2.0 Recap 11/9/21

Highlights of the Night with Dakota Mayes


Kay Lee Ray finally made her long-awaited return to the ring and was on Sarray immediately, attacking her like an animal. Sarray was overwhelmed by her opponent's tenacity and struggled to go on the offensive. She managed to catch Kay Lee in a submission hold and almost folded her in half but was forced to release when Ray got to the ropes. Sarray started building momentum and almost drop-kicked Kay Lee on the ropes but got hung up instead. Kay Lee hit a KLR bomb on the announce table and in the ring for the win. This was a great return match for the former UK Women's Champion. I'm pretty sure this bout established her as a heel based on the way the announcers talked about her and by her brutality.


Boa has started wearing face paint after seemingly absorbing Tien Sha last week. He had control and quickly grounded Gacy, who caught him off guard by asking for mercy and hung him on the ropes. Gacy started working him over, but Boa started firing up and dominating Gacy. Then, a strange light show saw Boa enter a sort of trance and choke Gacy on the ropes. The referee counted to 5, and Boa got disqualified for not letting go. This is an interesting new direction for the Chinese star. I wasn't sure where he would go after Xia Lee's drafting and Tien Sha's shocking loss to Indi Hartwell some weeks back.


The Creeds had control early on and stalked their opponents like rabid animals. Jacket Time maintained their confidence, though, even as the Diamond Mines's strength overwhelmed them. After Kushida landed some double elbows to both brothers, they rallied back, and Jiro forced them out of the ring. Kushida was firing on all cylinders, but they got him out of the ring and isolated Jiro, delivering a massive powerbomb for the win. Odyssey Jones cleared them all out before they had the chance to celebrate.


Raquel Gonzales returned for the first time since Halloween Havoc and demanded that Dakota Kai face her. Dakota laughed her off and said it felt good to hit her with her shovel and leave her motionless. Cora Jade interrupted her before saying anything else by attacking her from behind as retaliation for her brutal assault last week. As officials separated the two, Raquel stopped Cora and told her that Dakota was hers first, which Cora readily accepted.


Duke Hudson came out during Grimes's match against Ru Feng in time to catch him score a quick victory. Hudson wasn't happy he lost to Grimes in his own poker room last week and lost not only his money but his women. He wanted to know if it was dumb luck or if Grimes duped him. Hudson feels humiliated at losing to someone of Grimes's caliber. Grimes doesn't back down and tells Hudson he lost because Cameron Grimes holds it down no matter where he is. Desperate to redeem himself, Hudson challenged Grimes to a poker showdown next week. I'm not sure if this is meant to be another poker game or if it will be a poker-themed street fight.


Lopez called out Xyon before her match, hoping he would watch. After a quick victory, she got on the mic and asked Xyon to come to the ring. She offered him a spot in Legado Del Fantasma. He said he liked her, but he couldn't do it. Mendoza pushed him as he was leaving, and both he and Wilder were thrown out. Electra and Quinn then do a brief tango filled with sexual tension before he leaves. Electra stopped her compatriots from going after him. This segment was interesting, and I am curious to see where it goes. I'm not sure where Santos Escobar is. Perhaps he will come back at some point and challenge Quinn as part of this storyline.


Pete got right into it, beating Hayes down in a corner and set to work disassembling his joints and tendons. Dexter Lumis suddenly appeared on the commentary team, frightening Trick Williams. Hayes managed to change the completion of the match with a huge codebreaker-like move that had Dunne reeling. Despite this, he struggled to put the Brit away. He locked the Gargano escape on Dunne as a shot, but Pete attacked his fingers to get out of it. Hayes drove Dunne's neck into the rope, and Trick was ready to attack him but was prevented by Lumis. Gargano distracted Hayes for Dunne to hit his finisher for the win.

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