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Smack Talk: WWE Smackdown 2021 Results

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

All The Action From 10/1/21 Episode Of WWE Smackdown

Smack Talk: WWE Smackdown 2021 October 1 Results

The first night of the draft sees things heating up in new and exciting ways. Sadly, this week's SmackDown couldn't keep last week's momentum going, resulting in some unfortunate low points in the night. So here are the highs and lows for the October 1 edition of SmackDown.

Roman Reigns Opens The Show


The Tribal Chief opens the show just after being drafted 1st to stay on SmackDown. The Universal Champion takes his time getting to the ring before demanding to be acknowledged by the Baltimore crowd. Paul Heyman then takes the mic and declares that Roman will win at Crown Jewel against his former client.

Much to their surprise, out comes The Beast Incarnate himself. With little time for words, the two adversaries throwdown in a brief scuffle before Roman retreats. Things are definitely heating up on the road to Saudi Arabia.

Kevin Owens vs Happy Corbin


The two face off officially for the first time after weeks of antagonism from Corbin. With Madcap Moss (FKA Riddick Moss) in his corner, Corbin keeps the upper hand for most of the match and quickly picks up a victory.

This bout wasn't enjoyable. It makes sense for Corbin to win to keep his momentum going, but I expected a better match for Owens. I don't know if this will end their feud, but having been a former world champion, the quality of this match seems beneath KO.

Edge And Rollins


The Rated-R Superstar makes his return three weeks after Rollins brutally sent him out of MSG in an ambulance. Edge humbly admits he is not 100%, but he accepts the challenge for a final match with Rollins nonetheless before daring him to face him to come to the ring.

Rollins was not at SmackDown, however. Instead, he was on Edge's front porch, and the door was unlocked. Rollins has officially lost it. With Edge's family nowhere in sight, he makes himself at home and waits.

Carmella vs Liv Morgan


In what was supposed to be a rematch from Extreme Rules, Liv chases Carmella out of the ring almost immediately. She then has a masked entourage adorn her with a horrifying protective face covering, which she almost immediately takes off after quickly dropping Morgan. I guess the match never started.

Although it's good to give the ladies exposure, this is just a continuation of the horrible booking habits that got #giveSDwomanachance trending in the first place.

New Day/Street Profits vs Dirty Dogs/Alpha Academy


Having been drafted earlier in the night, The New Day's Woods and Kofi begin their SmackDown debut in this 8-man tag and start the match to an enthusiastic New Day rocks chant. Montez continued playing up his rib injuries at the hands of The Bloodline over the past week while Otis continues to look strong as a heel.

The rest of his team generated good heat to counter the faces crowd support. After a back-and-forth match, the faces pick up the win. Although it was a good match, it was pointless. They could have used this time slot to give Morgan and Carmella a match.


The tensions between The Bloodline camp and Lesnar continue to rise in this good segment. Due to his discontinued involvement with Heyman, Lesnar announces his being a free agent, and therefore, he is free to do as he pleases.

The segment then cuts to a meeting with The Bloodline and a very emotional Heyman. Roman wants to know if his cousins have been drafted to Raw.

When Heyman can't confirm their safety on SmackDown, Roman orders him to go to Raw to make sure his cousins get drafted to the blue brand. He sends the Usos to follow him with instructions to leave The Wise Man for dead on Raw should he fail.

Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks


We are treated to the WrestleMania rematch we were meant to have at SummerSlam, with Becky Lynch on commentary for the main event. The match was fine.

I wish the women could have gone all out to make up for their missed SummerSlam bout, but it was a fair main event. For whatever reason, it ended in yet another no-contest after Charlotte, who was the first woman drafted tonight, attacked both contestants.

The show ended with both Becky and Charlotte raising their respective titles high. I honestly don't know what WWE is going for with this. Perhaps it's to emphasize the continuation of the draft and things changing? Maybe the Queen will be entering into the feud with the three women?

I don't feel she needs to be a part of this, though, as she adds nothing to the rivalry. It would just be more of WWE shoehorning the 2nd generations star wherever they see fit under the belief that she could make the angle better when she is just unnecessary.

Dakota Mayes is our resident WWE expert at The Pyrrhic. Be sure to keep on top of all the latest in news, previews, and reviews in the world of professional wrestling right here with Dakota at

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