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WWE Smackdown Results and Review: October 22, 2021

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Smack Talk 10/22/2021 With Dakota Mayes

It's time for your weekly recap of WWE. Yes you got it right - it's time for 'Smack Talk' with Dakota Mayes. Here's a look at the results of the night.


Roman started the show with Heyman for the longest segment of the night. He still questions Paul's allegiance to him. He called himself the best of the best and did a rundown of everyone he's beaten, including Brock, before having Paul read Brocks warning to beat Roman Reigns senseless when he gets to SmackDown.

Roman called out the Beast to fight him if he was there and waited all through the first commercial break for Lesnar, refusing to leave until he showed up. Right when he got tired of waiting, Brock's music finally hit. The two threw down in an intense brawl that saw the Tribal Chief bested. Lesnar stared down Heyman before taking the steps to Roman's head. He was about to put him through the table when the Usos attacked, but Lesnar made quick work of them. Adam Pearce sent the entire locker room to stop Lesnar as the Bloodline made their escape.

When order was restored and the ring cleared, Pearce indefinitely suspended Lesnar for endangering the show and multiple crew members, leading the Beast to return to the ring and hit Pearce with 2 F5's.


Drew McIntyre issued an open challenge to anyone who wanted to fight to get the show going again. Sami Zayn answered with new music and talked himself up while mocking Drew. He immediately ducked out when the match started but Drew caught and tossed him into the barricade.

Sami briefly regained control and was about to try for a Helluva Kick, but Drew hit the Claymore first. Not bad for Drew's first match on SmackDown.


Kofi, as the moderator, introduced Woods. After a gimmicky routine of putting the cloak and crown on Woods, the King thanked everyone for their support and delivered "the king's gospel," which was Kofi reading Wood's titles like he was off Game of Thrones. This whole segment was like a championship celebration.

I think they could continue with segments like this going forward. The New day has all the charisma to make it fun and entertaining each week, and if Wood's prize for winning the tournament was the king gimmick, these segments would be an excellent way to play the character.


Ali was still angry from his loss the night before. The match started fast as they went at one another. Both men were all intensity in this fight. Too bad it was short and nowhere near as good as their match in Saudi Arabia as Mansoor stole the victory after about five minutes. This is an inch closer to my prediction of the two disappearing from television coming true. I hope I'm wrong.


Hit Row came out with some rhymes to introduce themselves. This is how they need to come to the ring from now on. Hopefully, WWE has learned from their bad habits of needlessly watering down their new stars because this group is excellent as they are. Swerve and Top Dolla destroyed a couple of local talent in a short feature to showcase their personalities, teamwork and to re-establish themselves as a heel group.


Corbin is all smiles as he lays the beatdown to start, but Nakamura gives it right back to him. Corbin managed to dump him on the floor for control, but Nakamura retaliated with hard kicks to rock the happy one. He missed the Kinshasa and almost got the End of Days before they took each other out.

They are both down when Boogs begins playing Shinsuke's music to revive him. Madcap interrupted with an attack which led Nakamura to make the save, only to get hit with the End of Days by Happy Corbin for the win.


In separate segments during the night, both women stated their lack of desire to swap. Becky also once again proposed becoming Becky two-belts again. As expected, both women were reluctant to switch when asked. Becky tried to snatch the Raw belt, but Charlotte threw it on the floor like a child, which led to Becky throwing the SmackDown title at Charlotte.

Charlotte then proposed a winner takes all match to goad Becky before Sasha Banks came out to say that Charlotte isn't just going to come and take over. Becks leaves with her belt before things inevitably escalate into a fight between the SmackDown women.

No title merger, I guess, but they still have Survivor Series, so who knows. It would be outrageous to have spent weeks teasing a merger only not to follow through. Also, Becky may need to go back to being a face. The crowd has been cheering her for weeks, regardless of her antics.

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