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WWE Weekly 12/5/21

Get Caught Up With WWE In 5

5. Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch

This week featured a contract signing between the two stars leading to their title match next week. The face-off between the two was a definite step up from the confrontations in earlier weeks. Liv seemed to have something to say this time around, accusing Becky of being why her friends Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan were let go to supplement "The Man's" contract. Her promo was obviously scripted and did not feel organic. Still, it generated a response from the live crowd and social media, which was desired when discussing such a sensitive topic. The Raw Women's Champion retorted that she deserved the money she made, trying to pull in heat from Liv's comment. This was one of the better segments in an otherwise basic episode of Raw, but Liv needs to find more confidence with the microphone. To be fair, though, Becky is a formidable opponent in wordplay.

4. Sami Zayn and Brock Lesnar

In an odd pairing, the Beast, Brock Lesnar shared three scenes in hilarious segments with the Elder Statesman of Smackdown. Many know of Brock's inability to cut promos, but he did well in the opening portion of the show with Sami to bounce off of. Sami tried to tell Brock that he was the number one contender to Roman Reign's Universal Championship. Brock didn't much care for his words and backed him into a corner before playfully intimidating him into challenging Roman in the main event. When Sami tried to refuse, he foolishly put his hand on Brock, which prompted him to put Sami in a wrist lock to coerce him into accepting the proposal. It's good to see Brock do something other than beat up people and bounce around in the ring for once.

3. Big E vs. Kevin Owens

Weeks of involvement from Kevin Owens with Big E and Seth Rollins paid off on last Monday's episode of Raw. The episode saw KO get back at Rollins for his degradations and conniving to sneak his way into his WWE Championship match against Big E at Day 1. It started with KO telling Rollins that if he were to beat Big E in their match, he would be added to the bout at the pay-per-view, making it a triple threat match. Furious, Rollins stormed into Pearce and Deville's office to demand answers, for which the former had no idea what he was talking about. Kevin's plan worked, however, as his imaginary stipulation was made real. He provoked his foe into retaliating by attacking Rollins, earning Kevin a DQ victory to be added to the match at Day 1. Kevin has had a growing feud with Big E for weeks, so it makes sense that he was added. The interactions between him and Seth were well played, and it was good to see him get some payback against the Messiah.

2. Johnny Gargano vs. Bron Breakker

Johnny Wrestling earned his name in a great match with Bronn Breakker as the two fought for an advantage in their upcoming WarGames match in a ladder match. Johnny made the rookie look great, but Bron is no slouch and moved Johnny around with ease. It wasn't exactly David and Goliath, but the two knew how to highlight their differences while not caving to one another. Bron is more than likely going to take the title off Ciampa somewhere down the line as the new management of NXT has been high on him from the beginning, sending him after the NXT championship on his first night on TV.

1. Edge and The Miz

Both the Rated-R Superstar and the A-lister returned this past Monday and had a verbal face-off that was clearly inspired by the previous week's back-and-forth between CM Punk and MJF, not that that's a bad thing. There was a lot discussed between the two, from Edge's time away from the ring and how much he has left, Miz's success, Miz being name-dropped on AEW, and the firing of John Morrison. The latter part didn't sit well with a lot of people, as would be revealed following the episode, but the rest of the segment was fantastic. A fight was teased between the two, but the Miz bailed before one could happen. This was the highlight of the show. These two are great on the mic and great all-around performers. Whatever angle is planned between the two is going to be great. Personally, I hope it's not the mixed tag angle with their wives that has been speculated.

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