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WWE WEEKLY - Week Ending 12/19

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It's weird for there to be two NXT segments on here, but no show delivered this week, so of course, Grayson Waller is on here. I will admit, though, he's not bad at this Jake Paul thing he's got going on. His promo was generic, and I don't think he has as much heat from the fans that the producers might have wanted. I like this direction, though, even if Waller's lack of experience keeps him from being fully believable. Bron Breakker kicked him out of the locker room. Io cursed him out in her language, basically, no one wants anything to do with him. He left the show in LA Knights car, having jumped him and stole it. Maybe with more time, he'll sink into this heel role better.


Breakker and Strong had one of the best matches I've seen on NXT 2.0 since its start. It wasn't too long, but it was good enough that you didn't think about the time. Strong is a great wrestler and walked Breakker through this bout with ease. You would think the younger star had been wrestling for a decade with how good he is, but he still needs a lot more experience. Strong made him look great as he got the win in a non-title match. Ciampa attacked Breaker afterward to continue their feud. It looks like the Psycho Killer is all in for another match with the up-start, and we'll likely see it at New Year’s Evil.


This week's Raw provided us with answers for Lashley's actions last week against the contestants of the Day 1 WWE Championship match. Basically, Lashley felt disrespected and overlooked and wanted into the match. Both Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins objected, but Big E didn't mind the extra challenge at all. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville were happy to add Bobby if he could beat the other three contestants. The first two matches against the heels were disappointingly short. First, KO tapped out to the Hurt Lock without it even being locked in. He then got Lashley disqualified in his match against Seth, but that only provoked the managers into restarting the bout as a no DQ and making the third match against Big E no DQ. Of course, Lashley beat Seth quickly after the restart. His match against Big E was about 20 minutes of two powerful men trying to dominate the other. Big E had no fear of Lashley, who still had plenty in the tank after his short matches against the other two. KO and Seth tried to help Big E, who didn't want it, but they were ultimately unable to stop Lashley from winning. The match at Day 1 will now be a fatal 4-way.


Becky gloated about her victory against Liv Morgan last week before turning on the fans for booing her. Then, Liv Morgan emerged and told Becky that her cheating to win indicates that Liv made her doubt herself, meaning that she could beat Becky. Liv challenges her to a rematch on Day 1, but before Beks can answer, they start brawling. The scuffle ends with Liv getting her arm attacked on the steel steps. Becky formally accepted the challenge after that. I like how they are really focusing on Liv. They clearly recognize her momentum and fan support, and it's great that they are finally trying to make new stars. If only they could run Charlotte and Toni Storms feud this well.


The final segment of SmackDown saw what the culmination of two months of suspicion and doubt could be. Roman came back, and he very much saw what happened between Brock and Paul last week. He decided it was time for complete honesty once and for all and grilled his counsel about everything from Brock arriving at SummerSlam, his suspension being lifted, him knowing he would be at MSG, etc. Heyman looked terrified. Roman hardly gave him the chance to answer, possibly because his mind was made up on what he would do. He asked Paul why he was protecting Brock from Roman. Paul asked God for help before delivering the line that would seal his fate. He wasn't protecting Brock. He was protecting Roman from Brock. The Tribal Chief then hugged him, thanked him for his service, and then fired him. Roman hit Paul with a Superman punch and was getting ready for a conchairto before Brock made the save and took out the Bloodline. I'm not sure where the story goes from here. Maybe Paul will return to Lesnar's side. Perhaps he'll help Roman win at Day 1, or vice-versa. This was another great segment, though. All three shows this week were horrible, so it was nice to see something good at the end.

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